Thanksgiving in Solomons Island Maryland

My three sons...Paul, Matthew and Jimmy

Thanksgiving holiday this year was nice to have us all together.  This is the first year that we have three away at college.  Sarah, Kevin's daughter is a junior at Peace College in Raleigh NC.  Jimmy is a Freshman at West Virginia University in Morgantown.  Paul is a sophmore at MICA in Baltimore (Maryland Institute College of Art).  Having them home is great because they have been gone off to college and of course I have missed them.  Matthew is a sophmore in our local high school and he is the only left at home now.  He was glad to see his brothers home for the holidays. 

Last year granddad refused to leave his home for Thanksgiving dinner and therefore missed the event.  This year, we were not going to let that happen, so we took dinner to him!  The Drum Point Beach club is a wonderful property on the water in Solomons Island.  My granddad built his home on the water and this is the community private club house.

Sarah and the boys

Sarah with her daddy....hubby Kevin

Raw oysters is a tradition in our family.

My boys enjoying the raw oysters.

How funny is this....Molly doesn't like the raw oysters but
feels obligated to assist granddaddy!  Love it! 

My cousin Molly has her own blog....I doubt she will put these
pictures on HER BLOG! 

Mom with my brother JAY and his wife Heather

My mom (the oldest) and Uncle Kelly (her brother, the baby)
Aunt Grier (her sister), Granddaddy (her Dad)
 and Aunt Beth (her youngest sister)

Table for many!


I was caught eating....thanks Matt!

Dinner is served...

My cousin Marybeth and sister Amy

Me and Kevin

Paul, Matthew and Jimmy enjoying dnner

Sarah and Kevin

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
GOD bless you.


Barb said…
Oh....I just enjoyed visiting with you and your family on Thanksgiving, what fun! Loved all the pictures but Molly's had to be the funniest. Glad you had a good time!
Pat said…
GREAT post, Steph, and how nice that you made such a nice Thanksgiving where your grandfather lives so he'd not miss it this year. I do have to say I'd have been just like Molly........raw oysters....NOPE, not me!!! :)
Jocelyn said…
How nice that you were all able to be together. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Cheryll said…
The pic's are just wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing... I especially love the faces your cousin pulled handing over the oysters... very funny!!
MCW said…
Thanks Steph...that is probably one of the most flttering pictures of me ever!
Good seeing you. Can't beleive J,P and mature.
Debbie said…
It was so nice to see all those photos of your family, Stephanie! How old is your grandfather?
Dawn said…
Happy Thanksgiving Stephanie! My husband's grandma had a cottage at Drum Point for years and some of my fondest memories are of my husband and I riding his motorcycle there to visit and play at the beach back when we were just dating :) Looks like you had a special day with family, what a blessing!
Dee said…
thank you for sharing this special day with us! I felt like I was there and the personalities of all were starting to come through the photos!

how blessed you are!
LOL to funny about the oysters! I myself hate shrimp but I can pull those things out of their tails faster than most shrimp lovers. Why?

Well my sister's loved them and as the oldest child the faster I removed those tails the faster I could get the garlic butter shrimp juices off my hands. Let me guess now you want Shrimp Scampi too?

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