Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sewing lessons

Nicole, my friend from work is working on her first quilt.  She has never used a sewing machine before.  Today I taught her how to sew a straight seam, line up seams and make her first quilt top.  She did a great job.  I was surprised to see the fabric she selected.  I had just used some of this fabric in my snowball quilt.  We both have good taste. 

Teaching her how to lay out the design.

Visited mom at the hospital today after the sewing session.  She is getting stronger and she is getting her sense of humor back.  Unfortunately she is still in the ICU and on drips but the antibiotics are making her feel better.  I covered up the central line dressing because it looked pretty clinical.  Thanks for everyone's well wishes and prayers.  Have a great weekend! 


KaHolly said...

Steph, I can tell from the picture that your mom IS feeling better. Teaching someone how to sew/make quilts is one of my favorite things to do! Then I can teach them good habits instead of trying to break bad ones! Looks like your student is doing a great job, a nice reflection on the teacher!! ~karen

Gene Black said...

Yaaay for you -for teaching Nicole to quilt.

Double Yaay!!! for your mom getting stronger and feeling better.

I appreciate you for covering up the "yuck" - I couldn't be a nurse, I am too squeamish.

Aliene said...

Doesn't it make you feel good to teach someone to sew? I taught a young lady at church how to lay out a pattern and do some straight stitching. She was so thrilled that it thrilled me.
Glad your Mom is feeling better.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Glad your Mom is feeling better...
The quilt looks great! congrats!

Dee said...

Oh, mothers are so wonderful, aren't they! Yours is such a beautiful soul to see shining out of the pictures! Glad to hear she is feeling better and getting sassier! LOL

The friendship your cementing and building up is amazing. What a wonderful way to spend time with people you love and like!

Nicole said...

I love it when I hear that someone new has been recruited into our quilting ranks!
So glad you mother is feeling better.

Jean said...

So very nice of you to help a newby.

Pat said...

Glad to hear your mom is coming along now. Your friend looks very happy with her lesson (and her teacher)!


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