A Scrabble Night

Jimmy, Kevin, Matt, Mom and me enjoy a night of scrabble. 

Matt and my mom

My husband Kevin laughing at our made up words! 

Matthew, my youngest son

Jimmy watching to see if I am peeking.
He got back late last night from WVU for his college break.

One of my favorite words! 

The scores prove it!

I won and that doesn't happen that often!


Pat said…
hahahaha....love the reaction from your son and mom in that last photo......looks like they are NOT happy with your winning!!! LOL
Gene Black said…
I am so glad to see that your brood is having fun with all the togetherness.

Yaay for winning. Did you really get to use "Quilts" in the game?
KaHolly said…
Oh, what fun!! And how great for your mom. Nights like that will speed up her recovery!
julieQ said…
Looks like fun to me! YOu are the big winner...so fun to see you all together!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had a wonderful evening.
elsie123 said…
Aw, I know you had a fun time! Loved playing scrabble when the kids were younger, even had a little scrabble trophy made up. Played the game with mom every time she came to visit. Enjoy this time together. :)
sewfunquilts said…
I love scrabble...and sure looks like ya'll had a great family time of it. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

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