Hand quilting while visiting Mom in the hospital again

Hand quilting my snowball quilt while visiting my mom.

Many of you have expressed concern of how my mom is doing.  She was released from the hospital last Monday from pneumonia.  She was not feeling well after discharge, running low grade fevers and feeling weak.  Then Monday morning, my sister found my Mom on the floor in her bedroom unconscious.  Amy, my sister called me at work to tell me this and asked what should do?  Really? 

"Call 911!", I told her.  It was the end of my shift at work so I was able to go right to the hospital.  I got to the ER but they would not let us in to see her for about one hour.  Turns out they were working on her.  Her heart rate was in Atrail Fib (A-Fib) beating 230 times a minute and her blood pressure was double what it should be!   After an attempt to slow her heart rate with a bolus of medication without success, they had to shock her heart back into a normal rhythm.    A central line was placed and she was started on several drips to slow her heart rate.  It seems a CT Scan this morning shows the pneumonia in the same place as last week and in a new part of her lung.  The doctors say that infection was probably caused the heart trouble.  She remains in the ICU and is still on drips but she is stable and doing better.  She still is tired and exhausted but she is in a good place and being care of well.  I spent all day with her yesterday, staying awake for about 28 hrs straight, slept until late this morning and then visited her today.  These are pictures from my visit today.   Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!

Shannon RN and Mom toasting with some pills

Even when sick, she always appreciates me and smiles for me!


Jocelyn said…
Oh wow Stephanie I hope your Mom is doing better. My mother in law had a simliar thing (pneumonia and heart condition) happen 1 1/2 years ago. Hers was complicated with a bladder infection. Praying that your Mom will make a complete recovery.
Aliene said…
I hope your Mom is doing better.
Seems she has really had a spell of sickness. I know what it is to sit.
Hope you get rested up.
John'aLee said…
Awww...I sure hope she feels better. Take care of yourself too girlie!
Barb said…
Ohhhh your poor mom, hope she recovers soon...how scarey!! On a happy note...love your snowball quilt.

another note, won't be joining the WW group for a while...too many things going on.
Pat said…
Tell Suzanne we are counting on her to get well enough to STAY out of the hospital the next time she is discharged! Hope it's soon!
KaHolly said…
My thoughts are with you and your family as you help your mom on the road to recovery.
Dee said…
oh, prayers and prayers coming your way Steph! wish I could do something for her and I'm so glad you're so close to be there and share her day!
Nicole said…
So sorry to hear about your mother's health issues. I hope she will recover very quickly.

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