Sarah studies Lemurs

Duke Lemur Center

Sara (our daughter) is studying Forensic Anthrology at Peace College in Raleigh NC. She has an  Observational Methods class where she goes to the Duke Lemur Center every Monday and observes the lemurs.  She is observing for dominance in one of the groups of coqueral sifakas. She is comparing and contrasting dominace between the adult male and female in the group. She says they are docile and do not interact much at all. 


Mina and Pia


Sarah and friend

Sarah comes home tomorrow for a Fall break.  She will be here Wednesday to Sunday.  I am very happy to see her.  She posted on her facebook page that she can't wait for real food! 

Sarah has applied to study abroad next Fall, her Junior year.  Right now a school in Australia is a top contender...aboriginal studies, internship, and cheaper than PEACE.   Sounds like loads of fun.  We are so proud of her. 


Debbie said…
Those lemurs are so cute, Stephanie! Have fun with Sarah home.
Pat said…
Have a fun time when Sarah comes home for the long weekend!
Chris said…
A coworker's daughter just got back from studying in Australia and she had the time of her life!
To study abroad sounds wonderful. Docile - hmm as long as they aren't throwing armpit secretions I'm good with it.

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