RIP Lucky!

RIP Lucky
1997 - 2010

Lucky was a puppy given to us by one of my relatives who found him at the local high school.   That was 13 years ago.  When I was separated from my husband in 2001, he took Lucky to live with him at his home.  Lucky has continued to be the boy's dog at their daddy's house.  Jimmy drove 4 hours home from college, picked up Paul at his college and then came home to join Matthew to say their goodbyes.  Lucky died 30 minutes after they all arrived.  Very sad, he was waiting for them.   

Matthew, Paul and Jimmy with Dale, my dog



Hand quilting my snowball quilt. 

Working Sat - Wednesday night so in between sleeping and working I will be working on some hand quilting.  I just love to hand quilt.  It is very relaxing.  I started to machine quilt this one and took out the stitching deciding I would like to do it by had. 


Pat said…
Sorry about Lucky but nice that the boys got home in time. Your hand-quilted piece is going to be lovely. I find it relaxing, too...UNLESS it is a big piece....then I find it hard to quilt (either by hand OR machine).
Cheryll said…
Your pet IS part of the family so of course it's hard when you lose them. Just remember all the fun things the boys did with LuCkY.
Barb said…
Thirteen years is a long time to have a dog...sorry to hear about it.

Handsome sons....

I am too nervous to hand quilt anymore....I have too much I want to do....not that I have nerve problems (not yet)
vivian said…
sorry for your loss-I know Lucky will be missed!
Good looking young men you have there....I am so sorry Steph to read about your "Lucky"...
marina said…
Sorry to hear about Lucky, sounds like a good life being loved by your boys.
Hope your mum picks up.
Dee said…
so glad they made it home in time! what a blessing to be able to say goodbye.

you have such awesome children, Steph!

ps love the quilt. I mean, really love it!
So Sad and and yet good that your sons could be there.
Nicole said…
My condolences on your loss. Our pets are such a part of our families, when they pass on, it leaves a huge emptiness.
I'm sorry. It is always so sad when a pet leaves us, no matter how old or sick they may be. We have other pets after them, but there's always a hole left where they were.

The fabrics in your snowball quilt are gorgeous.

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