Raw edge qulting ~ in progress

Raw edge quilting

Brenda from Scraps and Strips is the first person I saw doing this type of quilting.  She calls it strip piecing. Some call it postage stamp quilting.  I call it raw edge quilting.  It is really fun and lends itself to being creative.  It is fun picking out what to put where.  Karen's version of this quilt is more like mine. 

In this project, I designed four 11.5 inch squares, one at a time and the boder by itself and then pieced them all together.  Below are grids to show you how I did the squares.  It was easier to do it in sections so I could keep it straight. 

4 squares and 4 border pieces

I used linen as the base in this quilt.  I glued the small squares down to the linen and then sewed them into place on the linen.  I did zig zag instead of straight stithcing, just because I like the rough sewing feel to the layering.  Some of the squares were doubled, like a picture frame.  Brenda and Karen sew the design elements directly to the batting and backing but I want to do more embellishing on the top so mine is not quilted yet. Next step for me is to make the quilt sandwich and then quilt it and add the border.  I should be done soon.  Here are some close up pics of my work so far:

I just love this. Let me know what you think!

Meanwhile, I have to work only 3 times in the next 10 days.  I plan to doing some sewing!  I will be here so stop by and say "HI".  Here is a picture of Sarah who came home from Peace College in Raleigh NC for Fall break.  She brought home her friend Jackie from New Jersey.  They go back on Sunday.  Here they are at dinner last night.

Sarah and Jackie


elsie123 said…
I'm not familiar with this style of quilting. Do they ravel much when washed? I'm assuming it does, and that's the look you're going for. I like it, very pretty and colorful. :)
Pat said…
WOW...what a fun quilt! I'd love to see it in person one time when you come out this way. Where in NJ does Jackie live? I lived in NJ for the first 50+ years of my life!
Gene Black said…
I love that quilting idea. I will certainly have to try that at some point. I think I will do the quilt as you go way on it though.
Dee said…
VEry fun and happy quilt, Steph! I really like this!

Enjoy your "little" girl being home!
That's interesting it really ends up looking like a collage of pictures.
Kim D. said…
Adorable quilt Stephanie. I made a couple of sweatshirt jackets using this technique. Enjoy your time off to sew.
Fun style. The first one of these I saw was on Karen's (Selvage Quilter) blog. Reminds me of tiles and grout. Great way to showcase fun fabrics.
Unknown said…
Love it ! I'm not a quilter but maybe even I could manage this .
Thanks so much , I can't wait to give this a go .
Unknown said…
Love how your version look!! I had seen Karen's up close and personal and she had suggested a zig zag method because all the way on our train ride she was clipping loose threads. She felt the zig zag would prevent the fabrics from raveling.
Kathleen said…
This quilt looks so cool... like a collage. Love it.

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