Kevin's driving experience

Kevin in a dragster

Back in May, one of the gifts I gave to my husband for his 50th birthday was a driving experience at Doug Foley's Driving School.  We had to book it for October and Monday we went to Maple Grove PA for his driving experience.  It was awesome!  He loved it.
Doug Foley with Kevin in the dragster

Me with my Kevin

Me in Kevin's shorts....

Long story but essentially he was supposed to wear jeans but instead wore his shorts.  We went to the ladies room and he changed into my jeans and I put on his shorts.  We were 2.5 hrs away from home without a change of clothes.  I had to let him use his belt to hold my jeans on since they were way too small for him to zip up.  Therefore, no belt for me.  I had to walk around holding my pants up!  It was interesting, trying to take pics and video one handed.  What we do for love!!! 

Video of Kevin's last run
He reached 122.43 miles in only 10.58 seconds
with a reaction time of 0.76 seconds!


Loris said…
And so worth it! What a fun time for both of you. You look darling in those shorts :-) Nice job with the photos.
Pat said…
WOW!!! That must have been such fun for Kevin. should have saved the shorts photo for weigh-in Wednesday and let people think you lost SO much weight since last week that your shorts were falling off you. Bet THAT would have drawn some comments....LOL
Allie said…
That is some true love right there!

Looks like fun.
Dee said…
ha ha on the shorts! you look fabulous and happy! we've been at a dragstrip raceway to watch a dad take a "victory" run for his son who was killed one night a little over a year ago coming home from racing his truck. it was loud! but anytime we can make the dreams of those we love come true, or help them to come true, is so worth it!
What a thrill that must have been for him!

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