Aunt Beth's Home ~ Part 9 ~ The End

My Aunt Beth's Home ~ A Decorators' Showhouse
(in my opinion)

Sisters....Suzanne (my mom), Beth and Grier

This is my Aunt Beth's pride and joy, her grandchildren
and her photography!

This is the final post about my Aunt Beth's home.  It is a decorators showcase!  All of these posts have been done to encourage my Aunt Beth to use her talents and decorate for others.  She has recently retired from teaching and would like to start some part time photography and decorating business.  I wanted to showcase her home and get everyone's input in her style and see what everyone thought about her success.  Take a look at her home and tell me what you think about her doing this! 

This post is about the patio my Uncle Paul built.  With all these posts about her home, I neglected to mention how much my Uncle has contributed to the design and changing of this home.  Everytime Beth needed wallpaper hung, and window inset into a wall, a paint job, new kitchen cabinets or tile was all my Uncle Paul!  He is such a handy man to have around the house.  He always just does whatever she asks and does it well.  A special thanks goes out to him and his great attitude!  Luckily my Aunt has a handful and trusty contractors to fulfill this job when she starts doing it for other clients. 

The Backyard and Patio

Fanny taking a nap on the kitchen floor

She takes pride in her garden!

To see the entire collection of photo's of Aunt Beth's Home
and more great decorating ideas

CHALLENGE to fellow me come up with a name for my Aunt's blog to introduce her decorating and photography talents.  She wants to put her photography and her decorating jobs on the blog to show others what she can do.  I will be giving the winner of the naming competition something Beth has picked out for the winner to decorate this holiday season.  Start thinking about it!  I will blog again about this when she picks out the prize and then the challenge will end that following week!  Good luck!


Jocelyn said…
Lovely tour. What a beautiful yard.
Pat said…
I am so not-good at names....will have to think about this, but I did enjoy the house tour. (And you are off-the-hook on the patio, Steph....don't think you need to place any quilt out there....can't have any of them getting ruined in the rain!)
Aunt Spicy said…
Am just loving your Aunt's house! I just looked through all the fun! Of course I think her blog should be called "Aunt Beth", but I am a little biased to Aunties! What about playing off the idea of peaking in windows at a well decorated home?

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