Aunt Beth's Home ~ Part 5

Dining Room

This is Aunt Beth's Dining Room. Over the past few posts and more to come, I am highlighting my Aunt's wonderfully decorated home. She had done this all by herself with the help of her best friend ML who sews all the slipcovers, window treatments, pillow etc.   My Aunt Beth has just retired as a teacher and is thinking about becoming a part-time decorator and photographer. I told her there will be lots of people who would love her style! What do you think?
slip covered chair

slip covered chair
plaster mold and chandelier


An old sideboard found in a consignment shop
she painted and added new handles

AND here is a challenge for all of my blogging friends... Aunt Beth wants me to design a blog for her to showcase her decorating and photography. I need help coming up with a name for her blog. I am thinking about having a contest for this. Start thinking about some ideas. Who knows...maybe you will have a great name for her. When I end these posts (there are 9 of them in total, so 4 more) I will have a contest to help name her blog.

Here are some things to know about her to help you come up with a great blogger name:  
  • Her name is Elizabeth Wilkinson
  • She is called Beth by her friends
  • She is called MiMi by her two grandchildren
  • She loves to take pictures of people and does it well
  • She loves to decorate and does it on a dime
 To see more of Aunt Beth's Home
and great decorating ideas


terry said…
How about "Decorating on a Dime"

Terry in So. Calif.
D. Jean Quarles said…
For a design business I would use her name, only because then it would be easier for people to look at her work. It's lovely, by the way.

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