Wednesday Weigh-In Week 16

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In Week 16
All are welcome to join!

Last week the group lost a total of 21.8 lbs
229 pounds gone in 15 weeks!

If you have followed my blog you will know that I am on vacation.  The first week I went to Ocean City Maryland and then Kevin's parents came for a visit and they left on Sunday.  This week I have been catching up on things and getting organized before I have to go back to work this Saturday night.  Then it is back to the grind....weekends and night shift.  I have not worked a weekend or a night shift for 2 months as part of my obligation to satisfy my senior nurse responsibilities at work.  I am telling this to you to give an excuse for not losing any weight this week.  I have not lost weight in 3 weeks!  I know it is because I am eating things on vacation that I should not.  This week I bought a new book.  It is by Rocco Dispirito called Now Eat This!  I tired to the Mac and Cheese tonight and it was good.  Tomorrow night I am making the coconut shrimp and the beet and arugula salad.  The brownies in the book are made from black beans.  I am really anxious to try them.  I almost have all the ingredients so when I make them I will let you know how they are!  If you get a chance, check out the book.

Last week I asked all the members of the group to nominate the member who they felt was the most supportive to the group.  Many of you were nominated but Barb from Bejeweled Quilts by Barb won the most votes.  I sent her a gift that I made this April with Lyric Kinard.  It is a blank book covered. 

~ Barb's gift from the group ~
Thanks Barb for all your support!

Here are the results this week's weight loss and the running totals:
(updated as comments arrive)

Me -0 lb; -9 lbs total
Kevin +3 lbs; -12 lbs total
Chris  -7 lbs total (see this member's profile here)
JulieQ -6 lbs total
Deanna -1 lb; -12 lbs total  ~  see this members profile below
Pat +1 lb; -9 lbs total
Cathy -6.5 lbs total
Helen -8.5 lbs total (see this member's profile here)
Kim D -7 total
Barb -13.2 lbs total! (see this member's profile here)
Micki -2 lbs; -28.5 lbs total!        (see this member's profile here)
     Micki has met her goal weight loss!! Congrats Micki
Jamie K -4.5 lbs total
Linda B -5.5 lbs total
Katie Q -3.5 lbs total
Tonya -6 lbs total    (see this member's profile below)
Barb (DD) -1 lb total
Marianne -1 lb; -22 lbs total
Diane -13.4 lbs total (see this member's profile here)
Judy -4 lbs total
Linda P -10 lbs total
Bunny -4.5 lb total
Laura -7 lbs total
Nicole -8 lbs total (see this member's profile here)
Susan -2 lbs total
Rita -0.5 lbs; -7.5 lbs total
Stephanie D -1 lb, -13 lbs total

Let me know your weekly totals and I will update the post with this weeks numbers.
So far we have lost a total of 4.5 lbs for a total of 230.6 lbs in 16 weeks!

Stephanie Davidson
blog:  Scraps by Stephanie

Tell me about your family (married, kids, pets)
Jack and I have been married 39 years come September, and we have a wonderful daughter who is grown, single, and living several hours away with, unfortunately, no one but a grandcat and granddog at the moment. (sigh). But we do have a quirky, loveable rescued cocker spaniel named Tandi who makes us laugh on a daily basis.
Husband Jack and Tandi


Where did you grow up and where do live now?
I was born and raised in Alabama, spent 20 years in New Mexico, and now am settled near Asheville, NC. DD would like us to move closer to her, but that can't happen anytime soon.

How long have you been blogging and what made you decide to do it?
I started my first blog, Scraps, in 2007 because I was under the delusion someone might be interested in what I had to say. Walks by Night was started last year for Halloween blogging because I didn't want to offend anyone who is not as crazy about the holiday as I am.

Halloween blog:   Walks by Night

What is your crafty talent? When did you start doing your craft?
I don't know that I am so talented, but I do love to try. I've done crochet, crewel, cross-stitching, rubber-stamping and a little beading, but my true love is quilting. I first took a class at a community education group back in the 70s, and learned very little. Many years later, my husband bought me a beginner's class at a quilt shop in NM and I learned some of the basics. I can't seem to wrap my head around paper piecing, though. My current work schedule prevents me from attending our local guild and bee meetings, and I miss the fun. But viewing other bloggers' work and reading what I can has helped me improve my skills a little.

String quilt

Tell us a little about your weight changes and why you joined the WWI group.
I was always a chubby kid, and growing up in the deep South with lots of gravy, breads, and sweets didn't help matters any. During a couple of times in my life I was able to diet down to a reasonable weight, but being an emotional eater, and undergoing some significant life changes, I wasn't able to keep it off. Even a family history of heart disease and diabetes wasn't enough to motivate me to change my eating habits. And I'm a late night "closet" eater, so no one would see how much I really ate. Except they did, eventually. It's not something you can truly hide, is it?

Recently I reached my highest weight ever. I was so uncomfortable, I could hardly tie my shoes. The seatbelt was too tight, so I was considering not wearing it. I have no nice clothes that fit and I didn't want to buy the next size up, so I don't go to church or anywhere really nice any more. Something clicked in my head, I guess. I've had enough. So I've gone back to the one diet that worked for me--the South Beach diet. I lost 40 lbs on it before stalling and giving up, and subsequently gaining all that back and more. This time, I know my weaknesses, I have a plan, and being kept accountable by all of you should help me stay on track.

Tell us your favorite, daily blog reads.
I read mostly quilting and Halloween blogs, with a few others tossed in the mix. It's been nice to "meet" other folks with the same interests, even though we're scattered across the globe.

Tell us anything else you would like to share (do you work, did/do you have a career?) Etc...
I've been a nurse only 3 weeks longer than I've been a married woman. I've worked a lot of different jobs in a lot of different places, and am currently working on a telemetry unit in a small hospital. Gardening is one of my new interests, and I'm slowly turning my brown thumb into a yellow one. I also am nuts about hot air balloons and was able to fulfill a long-time dream and go up in one a couple of years ago. It was fantastic!

Hope everyone enjoyed getting to know Stephanie D.  She is a nurse like me and a quilter and we seem to have a lot in common.  Have a great week!


Hi Steph and all!

MH and I are back to our usual gym routine and I'm certainly feeling more energised because of it but no loss showing on the scales as yet. Today I'm starting "AGAIN" to curb my appetite a bit and get in a lot more walking - tennis court here I come! Round and round I go! I need some new clothes and I REFUSE to buy the next size up!!!
Have a great day everyone!
Barb said…
Thanks for all of your votes and thanks Stephanie for the journal cover. I love forward to receiving it.

Stephanie D...I enjoyed reading about you, no worries, I don't have grandkids yet either...I don't even have grand cats or dogs...what is up with that?
Barb said…
that is suppose to be look forward to...I have gotten so bad about my spelling and typing...
Stephanie D said…
Hi, Steph--down only a pound this week, for a total of 13 lbs. But since we went back to Alabama for the weekend where my SIL cooked ham, fried chicken, and then the barbecue on Mon., I'm glad I didn't gain any!
Dogmom Diva said…
Hi Steph and gang, although I am not actively weighing myself right now I AM still following ya'll along and want to keep encouraging you. I did weigh mysef a few days ago and I have not gained anything for several months, losing would be better, but..hmm. not happening right now.
Just wanted to say hi and I am stll encouraging everyone!

Barb B.
Pat said…
UGH...I gained a lb...and I don't really know why. I have been feeling ill for several days and not really eating much, but...I also haven't been moving around much, either. I'm hoping for better luck next week. Enjoyed this week's interview, as always.
Nicole said…
I stayed the same this week, but know that next week I will be down! Loved hearing about Stephanie D.
Quiltpiecer said…
I am very happy with another 1/2 pound loss this week because I actually thought I had gained! Now that the weather is cooler I won't have an excuse for not excercising. Congrats to Micki (wow) and to all who lost weight or maintained! And for anyone who gained a little, well, tomorrow is another day to make things right! Enjoyed meeting Stephanie D ... thanks for sharing!

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