A visit with my Granddad

This is my Granddad (92) with my son Matthew (15)

Matthew and I spent Friday afternoon with my Granddaddy.  It was a lovely visit.  Ever since I can remember, he has adored us and has always been such a strong man in our family.  He is not very strong anymore.  For the first time since I have known him, he can't walk.  Everytime I see him, I wonder if it will be last.  I have adored him!  I can remember when I was only 5 years old, my parents were in a very bad car accident, hit by a drunk driver and my parents were in the hospital for a while and then recovering.  We lived with them for an extended period of time and I do remember those weeks very well being with my grandparents. 

My grandparents retired to Solomons Island in Southern Maryland and he built his home and the pier that is right on the water.  He still lives in this house and we have made it possible for him to live there until he dies.  We have a wonderful caretaker named Angel.  He is an "Angel", although granddad calls him "John".  But I am still "Stephanie" to him, the FIRST of 10 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren! 

I thought I would take the time to share some pictures of this wonderful man and show you how much he means to me.  My grandmom and him had been together since they were 18 years old until she passed two years ago.  He misses her dearly.

Eugene Bernard Gorrell ~ Granddaddy

Helen Elizabeth Jones ~  MiMi

Granddaddy, Uncle Warren (his brother) and
Tom Grier (thier cousin)
Such a handsome bunch of men!

My cousin Molly with my Granddad

This is the pier he built with family help

50th Wedding Anniversary

60th Wedding Anniversary

Grandad and Judge
(every dog they had was named Judge)
Solomons Island, Maryland

Me and Grandad in 1986

Thanks for letting me share!  I have been working on my Snowball quilt today and the top is almost done!  Headed to work tonight and will have to work through Tuesday night. 

Snowball quilt top in progress
Take care and have a great week!


Barb said…
Such sweet memories, ones you will cherish forever. How wonderful that he is still with you and your family, your children will have fond memories as well. Thanks...lovely pictures.
MCW said…
Who is that in the green and white sweater??? Kellyann? Looks like me...If so it was 1977! Stop trying to age me! ha.
Jocelyn said…
Such sweet memories. Thanks for sharing about this special man in your life.
Pat said…
What special photos and how lucky your grandfather is that the family is able to arrange things for him to stay in his own home. Many of us won't be that fortunate....so it is really special to see that kind of arrangement for someone of his age!
Vesuviusmama said…
Thanks for sharing! It looks like he has lived a fulfilling life - all those pictures show him smiling and surrounded by loved ones. And your snowball quilt is looking great!
Molly is right, it was 1977, so I changed it and said it was her! LOL AND Molly, if I am aging you, I am aging me!
Annesphamily said…
Stephanie, I love the visit with your granddad! What a blessing you have in him. I really enjoyed this visit. Anne
Pokey said…
Beautiful memories, such a sweet share! Thank you for the pictures, I'm glad you still have him.
Cheryll said…
They certainly made a handsome couple. ..and what a lovely place to see out one's days. I wish your grandfather ALL the vest best. Thanks for sharing!
Gene Black said…
Thanks for sharing this. YOur grandparents looks so sweet and kind. I love the 50th anniversary picture.
Chris said…
What wonderful memories and photos. So rare to see a couple celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary! you are very blessed. :)
Lurline said…
What a beautiful couple - their faces shine with kindness!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Ariane said…
I loved what you shared about your grandfather! You can tell you love him very much! I also love how your snowball quilt is coming along! Can't wait to see it done!
Sherry said…
What a wonderful post to honor your granddad. My grandparents are all gone now but your post brought back great memories for me. I love the snowball quilt. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Anonymous said…
What a great tribute to your grandfather. You are so very fortunate to have had him for so many years. I am sure he is such a blessing to your entire family.
Stephanie, what lovely memories, and how very fortunate you are to still have your Granddad! Your snowball quilt top is so pretty.
That is a wonderful tribute to your granddaddy. Wonderful man!

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