Paul's Photography

Looking from the inside out

My son Paul is a student at MICA...Maryland Institute College of Art.  He is studying photography and is currently a Sophmore.  I am proud of my Deans List young man!  He is working on black and white themed photos of abandoned buildings in Baltimore.  Don't ask me how he is managing to get inside these buildings, I don't want to know!   
Mechanical Warehouse home to the homeless

coathangers...he said there were thousands of them!

Falling down ductwork

The glove left behind

Texaco Aircraft oil

broken window...was this his entry?

old sewing machines on the table
he said there were hundreds of them
must have been a manufacturing plant
that made clothes

My middle son Paul
9 months

now 19 years old

His self portrait

Paul is my artistic son!
He is very talented.
I keep telling him he gets it from me!

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Pat said…
I was enjoying the b/w photos (and also wondering how he got into the abandoned buildings) and then...when you said hundreds of old sewing machines were abandoned, I found myself wondering why he didn't try to get one for you....LOL
Dee said…
love the first photo! thanks for sharing these with us!

he is a very talented young man and I know where that comes from--mommas who encourage and love their children!
John'aLee said…
Hi! Thanks so much for posting me on your blog roll. It made me able to find you here in blog land. I love, love your header! Nice job!
And your son has some amazing talent going on.
I'm a follower now and I look forward to getting to know you!
Happy Quilting!
Sherry said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Pleased to meet you!

Did your son get his talent from the quilter in the family? ;o) Looking forward to reading your blog more in depth later.
marina said…
there is something special about black and white photos. A wonderful talent.
Love your post about your grandpa.
Grandparents are really something to treasure. The longer they are with us the more fortunate we are.
Cheryll said…
You have a right to be proud of your son... his work is wonderful. And yes he DeFInItLy gets his talent from you!
Carol said…
Definitely a talented young man and sooooo takes after his mom :)

Just for fun I'm passing along "The Sunshine Award" to you. You are always so cheerful and ready to share your talent and wisdom with us.
Visit my blog at and scroll down to the Thursday entry.
Loris said…
Talented photographer!
Annesphamily said…
First of all happy birthday to wonderful artistic young man! What talent he has and the photography is incredible.
You are blessed to have such a talented and handsome son!
Next of all, today I lost another young friend Jonel. She passed away Friday from a heart attack. SHe was 46. SO I was very sad and came home and your package was there! That quilted purse is gorgeous Stephanie. I will think of you very fondly whenever I use it. I am amazed at the talent you have! My goodness, one drop of such talent and I could be so happy! Thank you so much. I am very happy to know you and your talent and I love my new quilted purse. Hugs Anne

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