My Aunt Beth's House ~ Decorators' Showhouse

My Aunt Beth's Home ~ A Decorators' Showhouse
(In my opinion)

Some of you have emailed me wondering "where have I been"?  Others were asking why I haven't posted anything in a couple of days.  I have been working and doing overtime.  Right now our NICU is overflowing with babies! We have been working on a full census of 45 babies for weeks now.  They say it's because of the blizzard in February.  So I decided to come up with an interesting post about my Aunt Beth since I working way too much to be creative on my own.
My Aunt Beth (my mom's sister) lives in my neighborhood.  She is only 9 years older than me and retired from teaching school just last summer.  Her kids are grown and she has two grandchildren.   She loves photography and decorating.  I have been encouraging her to go into decorating.  Her best friend ML does all her slipcovers and window treatments. 

This is her grandchildren and her photography!

When visiting my granddad at her house last week, I decided to take some pictures of her home and share them with you. Over the next few days I will post all of them but for now I am going to start with the front of the house and hallway.  I would like everyone to look at these pictures and comment on your thoughts.... 

front door

front door ~ inside view

Hall stand ~ just inside the front door

front hallway

front hallway bench

front hallway table 

front hallway bench close up

My Mom Suzanne, Beth and Grier

To see more of Aunt Beth's Home
and some great decorating ideas

Should my Aunt Beth do decorating and photography?  I am sure with the proper encouragment from all of you, she may be motivated to use her talents for others.  She isn't sure others will like her style.  She prides herself on finding things cheaply and making them new and she loves Home Goods.  Please let her know what you think.  I will be sharing the post and comments with her.  

Tomorrow I will be doing my weekly 'Wednesday Weigh-In' post so on Thursday I will show more of her home.  It is just wonderful.  Stay tuned! 


Debbie said…
You're right, Stephanie. Aunt Beth's home, so far, really is beautiful. All those little touches are just perfect. And, YOUR photography is pretty good, too!
MCW said…
I can't wait to go home! Will actually be there this weekend for my friend Seth's Memorial golf tourney.
I love how Granddad's cane is on the bench. A perfect touch...
Annesphamily said…
What a delightful home. I am so happy I know you and now I am getting to know your wonderful family. Anne
Cheryll said…
Thanks for sharing and giving us a peek-a-boo into the home. Lovely pic's.
Pat said…
Your aunt has a way of decorating that I'd call "comfortably elegant". I am sure there would be many who would love for her to decorate their houses. I think she should give it a try, for sure!!! (And I think you should make her a quilt to use on that bench, too!!! LOL)
Oh it looks so cozy and inviting!

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