La Quinceanera ~ Matthew's first formal

Matthew is in the tuxedo and Karen in yellow
The guest of honor, turning 15 years old today!
Celebrating la quinceanera!
A mexican tradition.

Matthew and Karen were in the Quinceanera party.  I want to say wedding party because it very much like that kind of party.  It involved a Catholic Mass.  The day started at 11am with a limo ride to and from the church.  Thier church is in Washington DC near the Washington Monument.  Some of these pics were taken in DC at the water fountain near the Monument and some at the reception afterwards.  Karen and Matthew are sophmores in High school and this is Matthew's first formal but last year before Matt met Karen, she had her Quinceanera.  They have been boyfriend and girlfriend now for 9 months.  Enjoy the pictures!  I sure did!

Karen and Matthew

Matthew with Karen and her parents

Big change from this pic taken in Dec 1995
Matthew was one year old here!
My baby (youngest son) is growing up!

This picture was taken only 2.5 years ago when we first got Dale.
I think he grew about 1.5 feet in a few years!
Matthew is now over 6 ft tall!


Pat said…
Matthew and Karen look very cute in these photos. (I think Matthew isn't the only who grew since you took that photo of little Dale....Dale grew a LOT, too...LOL)
Barb said…
That purple dress is amazing.

Lovely photos...
Deanna said…
Those baby boys get big so fast. My 12 year old is 5'9" and growing. He looked at me the other day and said, "Mom, you're kind of short."
Stephanie D said…
Such a cute couple! I've never been to a Quinceanera before, but heard about them. Bet it was fun!

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