A Dear Jane triangle and more fabric

Dear Jane Triangle #12

My Dear Jane triangles are completely re-tooled to accomadate a smaller quilt and  smaller triangles.  Instead of 8 inch triangles I am redesigning them to be 5 inches tall.  To see all my Dear Jane squares so far, check out my scrolling video feed on the left sidebar or click here! 

I have 63 blocks & 12 triangles
 a total of 1144 pieces so far! 

Today I went to a wonderful quilt shop called Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro Delaware.  It is about a 30 minute drive from our condo and right on the way to and from the beach.  I was introduced to by Pat earlier this year and spent money on much needed things.  Kevin sat in the comfortable oversized chair there reading while I shopped.  Mimi Detrich was there the day before and they were talking about her visit.  I want soooooo much to take a class from her!  I love applique and would love to learn how to do her Baltimore Album Quilts.  I will have to put it on the list to do one day.  I have many UFO's that I have to finish first.  SO, why did I buy more fabric?  I will tell you why.  I had to buy more Dear Jane background fabric, my moda cream and I found the most perfect whole cloth for my backing.  Here they are together. 

Dear Jane background fabric and backing fabric

by 3 Sisters for Moda
This fabric is for me this time!  I am going to make myself a yoyo quilt like the one I made for my mom.  I liked it so much I am going to make it for my family room.  You can see it goes well with my family room rug!  I have other quilts that I must finish first before starting another quilt.  BE STRONG!  It is so hard to not start something new when you just buy the fabric because I get excited about seeing the top.  My usual trend is to make the top and then it takes forever to finish the project, unless it is for someone and I had a deadline.

I also bought some more fabric for my Dear Jane quilt.  The fabric I selected is classic and traditional. 

More Dear Jane fabric
And to leave you on a different note...
We ended up behind a truck with the Chickens on the way to become food.  UGH!


Pat said…
GREAT day for you at Serendipity. I took a class with Mimi one time...will have to show you my little quilt that resulted from that class. She is very down-to-earth. Ah...yes...the chicken trucks...we see a lot of them here with so many of the poultry companies having facilities on Delmarva!
Bunny said…
Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love your new fabric and your dear Jane blocks OMG I don't think I ever would try to do one of those quilts LOL. Poor chickens makes me not want to eat chicken again LOL.
Oh my, you have my admiration for your Dear Jane blocks! Wow! Just beautiful! What fun...a road trip and new fabric! Will stay tuned for upcoming quilting adventures! ;-)
Micki said…
What a wonderful shopping day for you! You are going to have a beautiful Dear Jane Quilt!
Kim D. said…
Beautiful DJ block Stephanie! It sounds like a fun trip to the quilt shop, I love the Park Avenue fabrics.

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