Crab Feast and Dear Jane Triangles

This is me with my husband Kevin
We went to our friend Scott's house who Kevin met from his forum.  This a bunch of Grabber Orange Mustang owners who blog about their mustangs.  They often get together for fun and good times and today was no exception.  There was great food (Maryland blue crabs) and lots of fun.  We took Kevin's parents since they were in town for the weekend.  Here are some pictures of the get together and of a drive with all the cars.
Kevin's parents ~ Vicki and Ray from Wisconsin
Mark and Christy from Pennsylvania
Andy and Michelle from Chicago

Andy, Michelle, Kevin, Keith and Scott

Historic Ellicott City Maryland

Oella ~ Historic Ellicott City Maryland
Ellicott Mills ~ Historic Ellicott City Maryland
Historic Ellicott Mills ~ Ellicott City Maryland
Ellicott City Maryland dates back to the first settlements here in 1771.  For more history about the area, check out the historic information here.   We have a great time this weekend with Kevin's parents visiting. 

Triangle # 13
Triangle # 14
Above are 2 more triangles that I just finished.  This makes 1163 pieces so far for my Dear Jane Quilt.  If you would like to see my Dear Jane Blocks done so far go here or look at my left sidebar video. 

I am excited about tomorrow.   Matthew (my youngest) is going to a formal event ~ it is called La Quinceañera.  Matthew's girlfriend has invited him to the event of one of their best friends. It is the transition from childhood to womanhood.  It is a significant passage for adolescent girls in almost all cultures. In Mexico, it is marked with the celebration of the Quinceañera, or 15th Birthday.  So come back tomorrow and check out my baby in a tuxedo! 


Pat said…
I enjoyed seeing the photos of the Mustangs....will show Gary, too. (Yes...I am up and reading this at 2 a.m. due to my middle-of-the-night coughing!!! *sigh*) Those 15-year-old coming-of-age parties are as extravagant as weddings....I'm sure Matthew will be quite impressed!!!
MCW said…
I am sorry...but Matthew is too young to have a girlfriend!!!!! ah
Loris said…
The DJ blocks look wonderful...and not easy. Great job!
I enjoyed seeing the mustangs and reading about Ellicott's history. Thanks for such a creative post. The crab looked good too!
quiltingnana said…
nice to see the post...great info
Barb said…
How fun!!!! Food looks delicious...

Love your Dear janes...

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