Aunt Beth's Home ~ Part 3

My Aunt Beth's Kitchen

This is Aunt Beth's kitchen. Over the past few posts and more to come, I will be highlighting my Aunt's wonderfully decorated home.  She has just retired as a teacher and is thinking about becoming a part-time decorator.   I told her there will be lots of people who would love her style!  What do you think? 

This is her kitchen.  She loves yellow, can you tell? The island is by Ikea and the green cabinet I found at an antique mall and bought it. I was using it and she just had to have it. I will have to get her to decorate for me sometime. I love the use of stained glass throughout the home. Now that she is retired, she should do some decorating? Right?

kitchen island

my old quilt cabinet

side view of quilt cabinet

kitchen rug

kitchen sink

kitchen counter

kitchen table and chairs

close up of the stained glass inset into the wall

a framed plate from her mom (my grandmom)
a special family heirloom 

window sill decorations, perfect for Fall

she loves antique stained glass
this one hangs over the kitchen sink

larger view of the kitchen
bathroom off the kitchen
this toilet is for granddad!  ;)

To see more of Aunt Beth's Home
and some great decorating ideas


Barb said…
I just love looking at homes and the way people decorate. Love her style.
Pat said…
I love the stained glass pieces. At first I thought she had some home-grown tomatoes ripening on the windowsill until I clicked and looked more closely (in the first photo that showed the sink area). She does decorate every nook and cranny, doesn't she? I bet she has fun doing this, too.
Gene Black said…
I love the stained glass too, especially above the kitchen sink. It is far better than a valance. I am inspired. When I get my quilting caught up, I think I will make a faux stained glass piece for my kitchen.
Then I will blog about it too. ((grin))

She should certainly do some decorating for people.
Micki said…
What gorgeous stained glass pieces those are. I love that. We have fancy tiles abover our sink, but the stained glass is just so elegant.
MCW said…
I love how Pat commented that mom decorates every nook and cranny...she should see it at Christmas!!!

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