Sarah returns from Mexico!

Sarah with the Master Guide Fausto

Sarah had a great time in Mexico.  She had a three week 3 credit college course where many colleges participated by sending students.  Sarah is at PEACE college in Raleigh NC and she is starting her Junior Year majoring in Forensic Anthropology.  She wants to be a "Bones" lady like the TV show.  She will get her PhD to do this job.  This is the years she starts to prepare for graduate school, checking them out and deciding where to go in 2 years. 

Sarah Ann

She brought home tons of pictures of landscapes and of people.  The ones that I liked are the ones that reminded me of quilts.  These pictures I had saved in a special folder on my computer as a possible future project.....what do you think?  Quilts?

The wall design is asking to be made into a quilt! 

Love this window!

Can you see the cool shapes the water reflection

Don't you just love this, what a great reverse applique pattern! 

I just had to show this pic, look at this treasure trove of shutters and all the different shapes! 

Love the flamingos!!!

This one is my favorite landscape pic she took.

Don't you just want to go for a ride? 
Peurto Moreloss

Hope you enjoyed Sarah's pictures, I sure did.  Have a great weekend!


Barb said…
Just lovely photos....she looks like she had a blast!!
She must have had a great time. Great artsy photos, too. Yes! That brick one would make a GREAT quilt - love the little x's in it.
Gene Black said…
I adore the photos. My retirement plans are to move to Mexico and live in or near Merida (in the Yucatan) These pictures bring back very good memories of my trips down there on "scouting" expeditions. Thanks for sharing.
Deanna said…
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Maybe she should seriously consider a good hobby of photography. Might be a fall back plan if the doctor thing doesn't work out. :)
Anonymous said…
You are so right...they would make gorgeous quilts. Beautiful pictues. Makes me want to go on vacation. I am thinking someplace cooler than NC!
Nicole said…
Sarah looks like such a nice girl! (I have a daughter named Sara too). What an adventure this trip must have been for her. I admire her ambition so much!
Quiltpiecer said…
What a wonderful opportunity for Sarah! What an awesome young lady, already preparing for graduate school! Love the pics, but I think the sunset is my fav.
Carrie P. said…
Wow, those are some great photos from your daughter's trip. I can see you getting inspired to make some quilts using those photos. Thanks for coming by my blog. Maybe you can take a little extra time and come through Asheville to visit your daughter. It is beautiful on this side of the state. I have more photos up if you want to come by for a minute.
Bunny said…
Amazing photos, love those shutters and the wall, and even the row of boats would make a gorgeous quilt. Happy that she was safe there in Mexico.
Pat said…
What lovely photos!
Vesuviusmama said…
Very cool! I went to Mexico as a college student, too, and what a life changing experience for me. I came back much more confident, independent, daring and interesting, I think. And hey, I was an anthropology major, too, only I did archaeological anthropology with a concentration in Mesoamerica.

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