Relaxing at the beach...

This is me at our condo getting ready to head out for a drive with Kevin

We decided we would drive down to Berlin Maryland and Snow Hill Maryland. These small historic towns in the South Eastern part of Ocean City are famous and only about a 45 min drive from our condo. Runaway bride was filmed in Berlin. 
The 1999 movie, "Runaway Bride" starred Julia Roberts.
The image is by Paramount Pictures.

Main Street, Berlin Maryland

Kevin ~ Here we are at the water's edge in Snow Hill Maryland
Snow Hill Fire Company

Public Landing Pier, Snow Hill Maryland

Snow Hill Maryland

Snow Hill Maryland

Me at Snow Hill Maryland ~ Public Landing Pier

Maryland Blue Crabs ~ A veritable feast

Getting my feet wet in the Ocean

Getting dark at the beach ~ we prefer being out of the sun and going at dusk!

Me at Ocean City Maryland ~ the beach at 135th Street

As we were leaving the beach for the evening, the Ocean City Md Police were called by a couple to rescue at swimmer.  They were sitting on their balcony and looking through binoculars and noticed a young man far out in the ocean floating on a raft.  It was too far to come in due to the storm Earl who was already stirring up the waves and the under tow.  As we were leaving the beach, 3 police cars were arriving.  We could not see anything because it was getting dark.  The only way you could see him was with the binoculars.  They were in the process of calling the Coast Gaurd.  We did not stay to see him rescued because you could not see anything by this point.  It took hours for the police to leave so I am hoping he was rescued.  How lucky this young man was that someone was watching the Ocean from their balcony probably looking for ships.  Amazing! 

Heading home late tomorrow because Kevin's parents arrive from WI on Thursday.  Luckily I cleaned before heading to the beach.  We are stopping off in Dagsboro Maryland to my favorite quilt shop Serendipity.  I need more Kona Cream Moda for my Dear Jane Quilt.  Here is one I got done at the beach:

Triangle #11

To see all of my Dear Jane squares and triangles check out my scrolling video link on my left sidebar or to find other posts go here!


Stephanie D said…
Ahhhh, the beach. Would like to be there now, myself. Looks like a great time!
Barb said…
It does look like you had a great time...I am glad.... Hope the young man was rescued.
Pat said…
I checked online and don't see anything about a swimmer in Ocean City being rescued. I am quite sure we'd have it in the local news if the swimmer had NOT been rescued, though, so I'm going to take this as a good sign. Love your photos from Berlin and Snow day for you and the weather was very nice for your few days here. Hope you have a good shopping trip at Serendipity, too.
Oh I do hope you're right about them saving that person. Love this #11 triangle, it's perfectly pretty.
Loris said…
It looks relaxing there...except maybe for the guy needing to be rescued! Hope he's ok.
Your DJ looks lovely. Have fun at the quilt store :-)

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