My Dear Jane Triangles ~ redesigned

This is my first triangle.  I will call it triangle #1

I decided to make my quilt smaller than the original Dear Jane.  The original is 13x13 squares or 169 squares with 52 peiced triangles, 56 solid trianges and 4 kite triangles.

My quilt will be much smaller.  I am going to have 64 squares, 32 peiced triangles, 46 solid triangles and 4 kite triangles.  Because I am making a smaller quilt, I decided I had to make the triangles smaller or the border would be strangely too big.  Below you can see the original size of the pattern and how I had to make mine smaller.   

Here are my new triangles I had to redesign myself, all 32 of them! 
I had to make them all 5 inches tall
instead of the 8 inch height of the originals

Triangle #2

Triangle #3

Triangle #4

I have a good start on my triangles.  I have many more to get done.  I expect at this rate it is going to make the rest of the year to get them all done! 


Loris said…
Whoa! Nice work! These triangles look tricky :-)
Barb said…
They are amazing but sure look difficult!!
Kim D. said…
Beautiful!! Looks like you've been busy.
viridian said…
Exciting! think of all you are learning by re-drafting these. Your quilt will be unique!
Quiltpiecer said…
Wow, this is truly a labor of love! You are so talented!

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