Lunch with Pat and her husband

My husband Kevin, me, Pat and her husband Gary
Lunch at the Big Fish Grill in Rehobeth Beach Delaware

My husband and I are spending time at our family condo at the beach.  It is really hot down here, 96 degrees!  I just heard on the news that today was the 56th day with the heat over 95 degrees.  We prefer to come down to the our condo in Ocean City Maryland in the spring and the Fall.  We rent it out all summer to the same renters year after year and so this is our first time since the springtime. 

Today we planned to meet up with Pat from A Little of This and a Little of Pat and her husband.  I met her once before, just us girls.  She brought along her friend Kathy and I brought my mom and after lunch that time we went to a quilt shop.  This time it was time for the husbands to meet.  It was great.  The boys had lots to talk about. 

We are back at our condo now and this is our view from our patio...8th floor view.  Luckily we can see between the condos built in front of our view.  The bayside is a great view too. 

View from our back balcony looking southeast

view from our back balcony looking southwest

Our condo, Ocean City Maryland

Looking forward to Kevin's parents flying in from WI on Thursday.


KaHolly said…
Stephanie, your condo looks like a great escape! Have a wonderful time! ~karen
Great views, and I love your wallhaning showing up so well in there.
Pat said…
Gary and I had a great time, too....good food, nice folks, and fun conversation...what more is needed?? Sometime I'll have to see your condo view in person!! LOL
Dee said…
Just beautiful! Love the chairs and the quilt! Enjoy!
Gene Black said…
Wow! It is hot there. We had a cooler day today. I was actually comfortable standing outside at lunch, practicing my penny whistle.

Glad you and Kevin got to meet up with Pat and Gary. It sounds like a load of fun. Wish I had been there!
MCW said…
If only they were not going to sell it!
Unknown said…
how great.....I can't wait to meet blogging buddies
Barb said…
How fun!!
Anonymous said…
It's wonderful to have a home away from home....fantastic condo!
You, Pat and hubbies look like your having a wonderful time.
quiltingnana said…
glad you and Pat and hubbies had a good time. Beautiful view from the condo...hope to see you again
Dawn said…
Hi Stephanie, I discovered your blog through Pat's! I see you are in Columbia. I am in Baltimore. I go to And Sew It Goes a couple times a month for Jo Morton's Little Women's Club and Civil War Sunday. I was wondering if you ever go there. It is a great shop! Nice meeting you:)

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