Jimmy moves into WVU dorms

This is the WVU Downtown Campus

West Virginia University
Boreman Hall South ~ Dorms
Courtyard between North and South
View from his dorm room, the 4th floor

Jimmy took his car and bike.  His car is his pride and joy!  He bought it himself and maintains it himself.  He has done everything to this car.  He loves German Engineering.  I wouldn't doubt if he ends up working for VW one day.
Jimmy getting his room together....no air conditioning!!  Only fans!  Thank goodness most of the time it
will be cool mountain air!  I pinned back the curtains with tacks, there was no air flow until I did this.
His bedding, Ralph Lauren Madrid plaid AND no, I didn't make him a quilt.  He said it would just get messed up and he didn't want to mess up one of my quilts.  I know this is true because the quilt I made Paul is already well used in just one year. 
This is the left side his room.  It is a VERY SMALL PRIVATE ROOM!  It is confiqured as a closet, dresser, small refridgerator (bought after this pic taken) and then the desk.  He took both his desk top computer (that he built himself) and his laptop.  He bought some kind of computer adapter that allows him to watch cable TV on his flat computer screen.  He also has his Wii for his entertainment.

Everything is so small, the stuff almost touches! 

Small closet, thank God he is not a girl!

There are 4 community bathrooms on each floor. 4 sinks in each bathroom, 3 toilets and 3 showers.

View from his parking garage looking up to at his dorm.

It is hard to tell but this picture is taken sitting in our car at Jimmy's parking garage looking uphill at his dorm.  It is up at the top of the hill to the left. There is no parking at the dorm. It is about a 7 min walk to his car. The hills of West Virginia are beautiful! There are 3 campuses at this University and they are linked by buses and PRT's (little cars that run on a track and take you around to the three different campuses).  He hopes to park his car and not use it until he has to go to work.  He is hoping to get a job somewhere on the downtown campus near his dorm.  Most of his classes will be on this campus this year but next year he will have to be near the Evansdale Campus which is where the Engineering Building is located. He only has two classes on the Evansdale Campus this semester. 

PRT ~ Personal Rapid Transit
Transports 28,000 students around to their classes

This is the Evansdale Campus.  He will need to take the PRT to get to this campus for his Engineering classes.  This campus looks much less rural than the downtown campus.

All in all it was a safe 4 hr drive there and back.  I did not cry (mainly because I have done this twice before with Paul and Sarah) and as soon as he had everything in his room we did a little bit more shopping at Target (fridge and mirror) I went home.  I did not help him organize his room, he sent me away and said he wanted to do it himself.  Good for him.  He is all grown up.  No tears, just pure joy.  I am so glad he decided to go college.  He will benefit from being a 21 year old freshman and hopefully it will help him make good decisions.   Thanks for listening and allowing me to share part of my life with all of you! 


Nancy said…
sounds like a kid (well, adult really!) with a good head on his shoulders...good for him...
Great pictures thanks for sharing.
Gene Black said…
Glad to hear you survived it without tears. It is tough to let go.
Well done Steph! My boy is only in Yr 11 high School so I have a couple of years to get used to the idea of University! I'll start taking notes from you...

1. try not to cry
2. don't make a "special" quilt
3. let him organise himself (unlike how it is now in our house - with me doing everything!!)

Thanks for sharing this special day in the life of your family, I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Pat said…
I enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing of our day getting Jimmy settled there. I think he will do well and value this education!
MCW said…
LOL! Love the picture of the bathroom. So like my mom. Good for Jimmy...so glad he went away to a 4 year school. Worth every penny...
Vesuviusmama said…
As someone who works at a University, I wish more freshmen were 21 - some of these kids are so immature! I love those PRTs - I've never seen anything like them before. Of course, while I've spent the last 20 years of my life on college campuses, I've never been to a big campus, always small to medium/small schools. How exciting for him to start this new adventure - you have much to be proud of!
Anonymous said…
So how did he end up in WV? Is this Charelston? Looks so familiar...have driven through there many times. I love the mountains and the drive through WV. Hope he has a great year!
Quiltpiecer said…
Really enjoyed reading your post ... we just got back from taking our son to Berkeley for his first semester there. He's 23 and will be starting as a transfer junior. I think it really is better for them to be older ... they are more focused and committed. Congrats on all your college students!
KaHolly said…
Off to college, what fun! Certainly brings back fond memories of my own college days, and more recently of my daughter's college experience (she's 32 now). But what a huge campus! Sounds bigger than most towns I've lived in! ~karen
Millie said…
Thanks for sharing...I like the quilt on his bed. My first child went to college too and I miss her very much.
SandyQuilts said…
My DD#2 went to WVU and got her Masters there too. GD#1 opted for Marshall this year.

Good luck to your son.

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