Dear Janes & a Baby Hummingbird

Triangle #6

Triangle #7

Triangle # 8

Triangle # 9

Triange # 10
This star was originally made for a Dear Jane square but it did not work so I decided to not to let it go to waste and use it for one of my triangles.  I think it will be unique. 

This totals 59 blocks
and 10 triangles
A total of 1132 Peices so far!!!


I had a great relaxed weekend after taking Jimmy to WVU.  Yesterday I found out I won Mark Lipinski's Giveaway, a quilting book called Polka Dot Christmas.  See the post yesterday for more information!  Have a great week!  This video will keep you smiling this week....


Pat said…
You are doing a wonderful job making triangles for your Dear Jane quilt! I am quite sure I'd be struggling with them.
Mimi said…
Another Janiac I see. I am slowly working on mine and have 40+ blocks made. No triangles yet though. Keep up the good work.
KaHolly said…
Oh, Stephanie, first let me tell you how impressed I am with those triangular Dear Jane blocks. And secondly, that hummingbird video is incredible!! Thank you so much for sharing it. ~karen
Terriaw said…
These Dear Jane blocks are so cool! Such a great variety. I especially love the ones you made for today's post.
Loris said…
Your DJ blocks are really looking beautiful. Nice Work!
Loved the hummingbird video :-)
Millie said…
Great blocks! I hate to make triangles. I am very impressed with your beautiful work....and all the triangles you made.
Stephanie D said…
Stephanie, is it too late to join your Wednesday Weigh-In?
Anonymous said…
These are gorgeous Stephanie. I saw several of these quilts at a quilt party this spring at Uncle Eli's. Such beautiful little blocks. Blows my mind!
That video - oh my what an experience to watch even from a computer. How amazing.

Great save from that square to a triangle.
I am just speechless. Those triangles are amazing!
Barb said…
I am so excited that you fun is that?

Love your blocks...
Kim D. said…
Your blocks are beautiful Stephanie, way to go!

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