Dear Janes, an Award and a Gift

Triangle #5

Dear Jane K-1 Crooked Creek

 To see the progress of all my Dear Janes done so far
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I have 59 squares and 5 triangles done
that makes 1010 pieces total to date

I met with Trish from All Things Crafty.  She lives in Pennsylvania and I met her by blogging.  Her husband has been coming to where I work (Johns Hopkins Hospital) for Cancer Treatment and she called me up and we arranged to meet during one of his treatments/tests.  She brought me the most lovely handmade gifts!  Here are the two key fobs she made just for me!  I love them.  She is such a nice person and they are going through so much!  I am fortunate to have a new friend.   
Thanks Trish!  These are lovely. 

The award comes with a few easy rules:

•Thank the person who gave you the award. (Definitely!)  Thanks Rita!
•Tell 7 things about yourself.
•Award 10-15 other bloggers that you enjoy reading. (optional)

7 Things About Me:
  1. I am a mother of three sons and one step daugher with THREE in college so far
  2. I met me second husband on 8 years ago
  3. I have been a NICU nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 24 years
  4. I have a large extended family, most of them in Maryland
  5. I have been quilting since I was 10 years old, winning my first blue ribbon when I was 12 the state fair.
  6. I used to hate applique, now I love it
  7. I have enjoyed blogging and have met the nicest people
15 Bloggers are receiving the Versatile Blogger Award from me (in no particular order):
  1. Pat at A little of this and a little of Pat
  2. Gene at Gene Black and American Artist
  3. Helen at Henny Penny's
  4. Jocelyn at Happy Cottage Quilter
  5. Vesuviusmama at My Patchwork Life
  6. Angela at Country Scrap Quilts
  7. Chris at Quilt Talk
  8. Diane at Life Scraps
  9. Julie at JulieKQuilts
  10. Loris at Luckypup Quilter
  11. Trish at All Things Crafty
It was difficult to pick 10 fellow bloggers out of so many new friends I have made by blogging.

Tomorrow we am taking our son Jimmy to college for the first time.  He is headed to West Virginia University to study Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering.  A college with 28,000 students.  He will living in the dorms and he is very excited.  It is a 4 hour drive from our home in Maryland so we are leaving early in the morning.  I will try to take pictures so I can blog about it when I get home tomorrow night or Saturday morning.  We have not decided if we are staying in a hotel Friday night or not.  We will probably drive home because I don't want to be a helicopter mom and "hover".  This is HIS time to learn all about life and to "get it done". 


Very cool about your son. You'll be great during drop off - I'm sure.

How nice for you and Trish I'll be sending prayers her way.
Pat said…
Prayers for Trish's husband. Have a safe trip taking Jimmy to college! I thank you for my award and will work on that in a few days when I'm not "entertaining" my little granddaughter on her vacation here! LOL
Angela said…
Thanks so much for the award, Stephanie!
Your Dear Jane blocks are great - you will be done in no time! :o)
Carrie P. said…
How nice to meet a blogger friend. I have met a few too. So sorry you had to meet because of her husband's condition though.
Great Dear Jane blocks. Congrats on your award too.

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