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Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I spent the day sewing again.  I am loving these weekends off.  Today it was raining all day and I decided to get back into doing some of my Dear Jane Blocks.  So far I have 51 blocks done so far and I want to do a total of 64.  Then I have to do the triangles. 

Here is my stack of squares so far. 

The block above was paper peiced.  For those of you who are new to paper peicing I decide to include a few pics of how to use freezer paper and starch.  Here are some helpful pointers that I use to make a small paper peiced easy. 
The start is in the center and I work my way out.

The center of the square.

Sew on the draw lines after placing the fabric right side together under the line you want to sew. 

Peel the paper back to cut your seams.

Peel back the ironed on paper and cut underneath the seam allowance.  Press your seams open and then re-iron the freezer paper back into place.

I leave plenty of room for ironing and overlapping.  Don't cut the fabric too small because it will be too short! 

You always put the freezer paper on the back or wrong side of the fabric so you can sew right on the lines you drew. 

I like to use a rule that is exactly the width I need so it is easy to measure and make sure the sizing is perfect and square.  Don't forget to add seam allowances of 1/4 inch when cutting the final size.

Freezer paper is what I use for paper peicing.  This is the recommended paper because the shiny side sticks.  I know this is review to all you experts out there but for the beginning quilters who are new to paper peicing, I wanted to include some pictures of how to.  Above you can see how you rip away the freezer paper when you are done.  It is perforated when you sew on the paper and makes it easy to remove. Making it wet I have found makes it much easier to remove. Sparying it with my watered down spray starch will help to make the square sturdy and not move during the process of sewing it together.
Starch is my best friend when I am peicing.  I put water into a small spray bottle and spray some starch into the water to make it watered down a little.  This gives me just enough starch to get the job done.

J-7 Chicken Tracks

strip peicing makes this square easy

Simple block peicing for this block.

This is freezer paper template I used to my signature block below.

This is my 51st block
I decided to design my own initials and date into the block.
I used reverse applique. 

This totals 51 blocks
A total of 762 Peices so far!!!


Exciting....I have 101 friends and
when I looked at my blog, I had 22,222 visitors! 

I love all your visits and welcome all the comments!
Thanks for making blogging so much fun! 


Pat said…
You are moving right along, aren't you? Once fall comes, I need to get back on my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks.
Vesuviusmama said…
64 of those blocks is quite a feat - great job! I lvoe that the fabric you used today (a rainy day) had sunshine on it!
Angela said…
Your blocks are great! I am up to 39 blocks done, times two... :o) Plus a few triangles and kites... :o) Keep at it, it won't take you long now!
You hit the nail on the head over my trouble with this method. I start with my fabric to small. It seems big enough, but right at the edge... Oh well. Congrats on getting so many blocks done.

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