Dale meets new puppy

Here is Sam.  He is 10 weeks old and my sister and her family adopted him from the Animal Shelter last week.  He is part Lab and part Sharpei.  We waited a week to go over because Sam was fixed and had stitches and was not supposed to get too excited.  Now he is healed and today we went over for a visit and let the dogs meet for their first time.  They will be visiting each other regularly because we don't live far from each other. 
Dale meets Sam.  When Sam first saw Dale he barked.
Check out the video below when Sam won't stop barking at Dale. 

This is me with Dale our Golden.  Puppy Sam is playing on his back.

Sam is not too sure if he should come out from the flowers and meet Dale!

Dale and Sam get a little closer

Hiding in the flowers

Hope you enjoyed my pics of the new puppy in my sister's family. 

Tomorrow Kevin and I are headed to our condo at the beach.  That is Ocean City Maryland.  We will stay till the middle of the week and get back home in time for Kevin's parents who fly in from Milwaukee WI on Thursday.  They are staying for a 4 day visit.  We have 2 weeks of vacation which started today.  Kevin and I have plans to meet Pat from "A Little of This and a Little of Pat" and her husband for lunch on Monday.  This will the second time getting together with Pat.  I am looking forward to meeting her, it should be fun. 


Kris said…
Stephanie - That Sam is darling!!! I love puppies and puppy breathe!!! And Dale is gorgeous!!! Have fun at the beach!!!
Barb said…
So cute!!!

Have a good time at the beach...I know Kris already said that but....I was going to say it and noticed Kris has...sorry for the repeat.
Pat said…
Sam is a cutie and Dale looks like he was very tolerant of his new "cousin"???? See you on Monday!!!
Jen said…
Too cute! Thanks for the smiles!
Sam is absolutely adorable! Love the photo of him hiding in the flowers as Dale peeks at him. Dale looks as if he can teach Sam a lot. I'm always so happy to hear dogs being adopted from animal shelters.
Nicole said…
Thanks for sharing the adorable puppy pics! Have a great time on your trip.
MCW said…
Their puppy is so cute!!! Glad they got a lab mix...the best dogs :)
What a perfectly adorable little baby is Sam! I'll bet those two will have lots of fun together. Hope that "fun" doesn't translate into too big a mess. :)
Loris said…
Both those canines are just adorable :-) Great idea to take the videos!
Have a wonderful time off. You deserve it!

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