Custom Notepads

Here are two new notepads I made to give as gifts.  I made them to hold a universal notepad that you can find in any office supply store.  I made a pocket on the inside and a place to keep a pen or pencil. 

This is the front of the one above.  The closure is an antique button and I twisted the ribbon on my bobbin filler on top of my sewing machine. 

This is the back of the pink notepad.

This one is green and blue.  Different colors with a completely different feel for it.  This is the inside view.



Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I am doing more and more sewing!  I had to first fix a few pairs of my son's jeans for him to take to college and I had to do a lot of back to school shopping and dorm shopping.  Now we are finally done all the shopping and it's time to relax. 


Barb said…
Glad you are getting some sewing time in...just love your note pads...
Your note pads look fantastic Steph..
julieQ said…
Those are really wonderful notebook covers...I love them! I don't miss that back to school shopping, but I sure miss my son!
Gene Black said…
Those are great! I am curious about how you twist the ribbon.
What cute little note book holders, I really like those!
Bunny said…
These are great love them. It is fun just to sit and stitch.
Vesuviusmama said…
What wonderful gifts!
Joanne Lendaro said…
Cute, cute, cute! Love them!

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