Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In Week 10

Welcome to our Wednesday Weigh-In Week 10
All are welcome to join us!

Last week the group lost a total of 6.8 lbs!
That totals 131 lbs in 9 weeks!

Here are the results this week: (updated as comments arrive)

Me -1.5; -7 lbs total weight loss
Kevin -1 lb; -6 lbs total
Chris -5 lbs total
JulieQ -1 lb; -5 lbs total
Deanna -0 lbs; -8 lbs total
Pat -7 lbs total
Cathy -6.5 lbs total
Helen  -0 lbs; -8.5 lbs total
Kim D -0.4 lbs; -5.6 total
Barb -11.2 lbs total
Micki -18 lbs total    (see this member's profile here!)
Jamie K -4.5 lbs total
Linda B -5.5 lbs total
Dobco -0 lbs total
Katie Q - 1 lb; - 2 lbs total
Tonya -6 lbs total
Barb (DD) -1 lb total
Marianne -1.6 lbs; -12 lbs total
Diane -7 lbs; -13.4 lbs total  (see this member's profile below)
Judy -4 lbs total
Linda P -5 lbs total
Bunny -1 lb; -1 lb total
Laura - 1.5 lbs; - 5 lbs total  (Welcome out newest member!)

Let me know your weekly totals and I will update the post with this weeks numbers.
So far we have lost  15 lbs this week! That totals 146 lbs in 10 weeks! WOW!


Tell me about your family (married, kids, pets)

My husband and I are approaching our 20th anniversary in a little more than a month. We have two daughters, 15 & 13 and our current challenge is teaching the oldest to drive. Our dog Sassy, a medium sized poodle/ lhasapoo mix rounds out the family.

Where did you grow up and where do live now?

I grew up in a small town (pop 3000) in northern California, Weaverville, located west of Redding. My mother had lived there most her life and my father taught at the elementary school so everyone knew me even if I didn't know them, which was rare. Weaverville is the county seat as well as the largest town in the county, which if memory serves almost 90% is national forest and there is still not a stop light in the entire county.

My husband and I lived in the SF East Bay area for 15 years and then lived in Redding, CA for almost two years before moving to Texas where we have been for 7 years the end of this month. We live in a town called Flower Mound, north of Dallas, and there really is a mound! Weaverville was in the middle of the Trinity Alps in CA, and now I live next to a mound!

How long have you been blogging and what made you decide to do it?

I started blogging about a year ago. I had recently quit my job as a Technical Project Manager at BofA (a job I have quit and returned and quit again 3 times so far:) ) and had started sewing some bags for myself. Searching for online patterns and info led me to blogs, which rekindled my interest in quilting. After lurking for a couple months I decided it would be fun to have my own and that is how I started!

What is your crafty talent? When did you start doing your craft?

Diane's Fourth of July quilt

I have always done crafts and hand work since childhood. I sewed a lot of dresses & skirts while in school and my grandmother and I made a couple quilts when I was in high school and hand quilted them. I continued making quilt tops early in my marriage, and made my girls dresses when they were little. When we moved to Texas I just never unpacked the stuff. After being here 5 years I got out the scrapbooking and when redoing the 'playroom' for my craft space I decided to include the sewing stuff just in case I ever wanted to get it out. One thing led to another and last summer I started unpacking the 10 boxes of fabrics I had moved and never opened.

Bricks and Waves by Diane

Tell us a little about your weight changes and why you joined the WWI group.
I was always skinny with wide hips and a round butt in school, but gained the requisite 15+ while in college, then when I started working and was on my own I did not eat healthy, establishing bad habits. I was still happy with my weight when I got married, but I was pretty much over the ideal at that time. I didn't exercise, so the weight came on slow but steady, then the kids come and with that 20+ additional lbs (each). I lost some, about 35 lbs using Weight Watchers after my first child, but after that could never lose more than 20 and could never keep it off. Since moving to Texas I gained another 30, what I call the 'no one knows me or will know the difference' lbs. Lots of aborted attempts, but nothing stuck till this year.

I am not sure what clicked, but I decided to try Medi Weight Loss, a MD supervised program based on a low carb diet. I started the end of March and had lost 20 lbs by the end of May. Early June I had a pretty sever allergic reaction to something and the emergency room MD suggested it was some of the supplements from Medi, so I played around with them for a couple weeks but decided to stop them all together to try to get rid of the residual rash I still had. I needed to get rid of that before traveling to Honduras or I would be miserable. This slowed the weight loss, mostly because the accountability of paying weekly at Medi was no longer an incentive, but I did continue to lose. About the time I stopped Medi, I saw Stephanie's WWI and thought that could be a way to gain accountability. The opportunity to share success as well as failure has helped keep me on track.

I have broken my weight goals down and named them as follows:
25 - crud, I moved to Texas and ate everything in site
15 - child 2
15 - child 1
15 - have a hubby so I can let it slide (all the married women know what I mean)

I go back to Medi this week and if my scale is correct I should be very close to 40 lbs total loss since the end of March!

Tell us about your trip to Honduras and what lead you to go there.
Honduras, wow! We traveled there for a week this summer with Unashamed Missions and Med-Missions, organizations operated by guys we go to church with. My husband had gone on a like trip last year and made it back, so this year we went as a family (except Sassy). The trip was an opportunity to support the activities of local Honduran evangelical Christians who have been sharing the gospel in remote areas.
The group consisted of 24 North Americans including a RN, RN practitioner, dentist and an emergency room MD. We worked with a Honduran organization that coordinated nationals, both laborers as well as medical professionals. We split into two groups daily and completed a church building of cement block, and got a good start on a second (second group of youth came in as we were leaving to get it done). In addition we worked 5 medical brigades including doctor consultations, dental and optometry. The sites were all remote villages in north Honduras and one day into Guatemala. We cut through the rain forest the day we went there. Every day it was questionable as to if we would get to the sites due to the roads and the rain. Got stuck one day and had to cart the materials in about a mile which was not my favorite time of the trip. I worked optometry most of the time, but also did dental, sterilizing instruments and all that. Dental was hard core with extractions being the main event.

The villages we went to consisted of homes constructed from big sticks with adobe stuck on it and tin roofs. (1498) This shows a residence in the for ground and the building we built in the background.
One village the homes were sticks with black plastic. (1460) (1480)

The town that served as our base of operations is the site of one of the best preserved Mayan ruins, so we had the opportunity to tour those. We stayed in a motel that was clean and had running water and provided breakfast and dinner. Wish I had gotten a picture of the facilities as it was an open air kitchen with a fridge, stove and an adobe wood stove where the meat and tortillas were cooked daily. All the things that go with traveling to a third world country applied here. Lots of shots before hand, malaria medication that we are still taking, power grid failed in entire town nightly, not a lot of hot water (I never got any) and having to remember to keep your mouth closed in the shower.

Tell us your favorite, daily blog reads.

Well, I have too many so I have a system where I capture sites that catch my eye in my favorites, organized by day of the week. Each day had about 15-20 blogs so every Monday I look at the same 15, Tuesday another 15 and so forth. A Ditchin' Time is on my Wednesday list now so I don't forget WWI! I also try to participate in Sew and Tell and almost always visit all the posts listed on Fridays even if I didn't complete anything and post myself.

Tell us anything else you would like to share!

Goodness, I think that is quite enough don't you? Thanks Stephanie for letting me share! ***

Well, I am happy to feature Diane and share her story so the group can get to know her better.  She has a very interesting life going on right now! I wish I could have this experience.  Until next week, take care and loose some weight! STEPH


Pat said…
What a wonderful thing Diane has been doing...thanks for sharing that with us!!! My weight this week went back UP a pound....DARN IT!!! Of course, I shouldn't be surprised since we had company for dinner on Sunday and I ate cake (and then finished the last piece of it yesterday) and on Monday we went to the State Fair and I had some "fair food"....soft-serve ice cream and some old-fashioned candy from a candy booth. Oh, well......hoping for better luck next week...and THEN I have a houseguest for 5 days, so that will be a dangerous diet time for me. :(
Deanna said…
Still holding steady at X + 12 or a total of 8 pounds lost. Here's working towards another pound next week. Thanks for the inspiration.
Vesuviusmama said…
Congrats to you and hubby for some weight loss this week, and thanks for sharing the highlight of Diane - that was fun to read.
Dogmom Diva said…
Hi Steph and everyone..got on the scale this morning after not stepping on it for about 3 weeks. I am status quo..Not gained, not lost. Guess that is a good thing seeing as how I spent a week with girlfriends in PA and NJ..I think I sweated off what I ate though..but to not gain is not an awful thing..I AM going to make a real effort this week to move more and try to drop a pound or two.
Great profile on Diane..so nice to meet her and what an awesome trip to Honduras..we spent a day in a jungle village in Guatemala on a cruise in April and visited a school..wow. we took school supplies, there was a group of 15 of us..kids get to school by canoe..the poverty is awful but loved the people there, they were so happy to see us. Makes one apreciate what they have, for sure!

Have a good week everyone!
julieQ said…
Wow, loved the personal profile! I lost one pound this week...yippee!!
Micki said…
Loved your profile Diane, and good luck with continued weight loss. I found your interview so interesting.
Barb said…
What a wonderful article. I love the mission trip, what a wonderful thing to do, will be a great memory for your children as well.

I like how you break down the blogs and read them. I won't tell you what I do...spend way to much time on the computer.

Great to meet you Laura, great going on the weight loss.
Is it too late to join in the weight loss group? I really really need one.
Quiltpiecer said…
I'm with Susan: is it too late to join the group? Went to the doc's yesterday and am now on blood pressure meds. Need to lose and reduce! Seems this would be a big help. BTW, loved reading Diane's post.

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