Large Scrap Purse

This is a close up of the great fabric I used to create this scrap purse.  My mom and I make lanyards for the nurses at work and we save every scrap.  Here the scraps are combined in a creative way to show all the colors.  Below is the result.  I just love my bag/purse! 
Here is my newest design.  It is double the size of the one below.
This is the small one I made last month.

I ended up giving the smaller one to my mom because she liked it so much.  My new one has a few different details:  I added a pin on the top (which is removable) and I added some circles which I hand embroidered after ironing them into place. 
hook for keys

inside pockets
magnetic closure

scraps on the handle

close-up of the detachable flower pin

the base, foam core was used  inside for strength

Hope you like my new purse/bag.  It was a fun project.  I enjoyed my birthday weekend off work.  I go back to work Sunday night and work til Friday morning.  Kevin and I are going away to PA next weekend for one of his mustang shows.  After that I am very excited to go to a 6 week schedule of straight day shift.  I will be working 7a - 3pm Mon - Friday!  Now you ask.....why is this exciting to me?  Well, because I usually work night shift - weekend option.  I usually only have every 6th weekend off.  Having off every weekend this summer is something I look forward to.  As a senior nurse at Johns Hopkins, I have certain responsibilities that can't be accomplished at night.  In order to meet my obligation as a senior nurse, I have to round with the doctors which they do during the day shift.  I choose to do this during the summer to give me time off on the weekends.  Very cool.  However, because of this, I am not taking my vacation until the 6 weeks of rounding is done.  Kevin's parents are coming here from Milwaukee for a few days at that time and the rest is for relaxation.  We also have to move our 3 kids back into apartments/dorms the end of August.  For the rest of the summer, I look foward to getting more sewing than normal done because I will have off every evening and weekend!!!

I hope all my blogging friends have a great summer!  Tell me where you are headed or what you have planned, I would love to know! 


Pat said…
That purse is great with all those pockets. If that is your own design, you need to make up a pattern and sell it...really!!! I'm glad you have had a nice few days of "birthday" time off, too.
cwade1211 said…
Stephanie - I love the bag! You obviously are very creative, with all those pockets, each one bound with a different fabric. So cute! and thank you for your NICU work. I have a 3-yr old grandson who is the light of my life who was born with 3 serious heart defects (now fixed) who was cared for initially by NICU nurses. NICU nurses ROCK! claudia
LOVE the bag Steph and as usual, you have done a superb job of making it!! Your colour choices are fantastic! I have a drawer which is just for bag patterns and bag fabric and it's groaning! I MUST make a bag soon!!!

Wow! we'll be seeing even more sewing when you are on your summer shift! Glad to see you enjoyed a birthday "sewing" weekend!

Happy Sewing!
Pokey said…
This is another cute bag, Stephanie! You've been very creative with the little leftovers. The weigh ins are looking good too, thank oyu for the recipes ~ Pokey
Great bag Steph....
Betsy said…
Stephanie your bags are great!! Perfect for a summer day. Love them!
Terriaw said…
Another great bag from you! Love how you mixed up the scraps on this one. Enjoy all those fun summer goings-on you have planned! I will be headed to my parents' cottage on Lake Michigan soon for some swimming and kayaking and shopping.
Kelly Casanova said…
A lovely combination of colours, very pretty bag!
Dee said…
the purses are way too cute and look so professional! I especially like the pin!

nights are what my sis in law work, she likes them, but you're right, there are things going on during the day that you need to be there for.

kids back to college, vacations, visiting family...all sound like a lot of fun!

Kim D. said…
Those are both adorable bags Stephanie! Great job on the designs. Enjoy your new schedule and weekends off, Whoo Hoo!!
Well, aren't you smart! That is a great looking purse. I love it! I really like the removable pin - makes it extra special.

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