Happy birthday to me!

Dinner out with my family to celebrate my birthday!
In this picture is Kevin and my mom to my sides
Sarah, Jimmy and Matt
Missing is Paul who is in Philly playing a gig with his band
We went to a Janapese Steak House
One of my favorite places to take the kids

Kevin, Me and Mom
I know, I know, I look like my mommy!

Sarah (20 - my step daughter), Matt(15) and Jimmy (21)

Matt and Jimmy

I enjoyed a wonderful few days off and some great gifts from the crew.  I am very lucky to have such a great family.  I have to enjoy this while I can because soon all but Matt will be gone off to college again.  Three away at college and one still in high school.  It will be hard for them to be gone and before you know it, in three years, we will have an empty nest!!


Copper Patch said…
I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Wishing you a very happy birthday Steph! Japanese is our favourite too! and most of it is low cal :-)

Hope you get to spend this weekend doing what you love - the birthday girl should be allowed to do "just as she pleases" for the whole weekend!

Happy Sewing!
Kaye said…
A belated Happy Birthday Stephanie!
Happy Birthday Steph...your family photos are just so lovely.
Deanna said…
Congratulations! Generations of love--what a great way to spend your day.
Angela said…
Happy Birthday Stephanie! Looks like you had a great day!
Gene Black said…
Looks like a good time was had by all! I am glad you had a wonderful birthday.
Jocelyn said…
Happy Birthday Stephaine!! I hope you had a wonderful day. It sure looks like it :-)
Kim D. said…
Happy Birthday!! Looks like a great celebration. What's that in front of you, looks like a yummy dessert. My birthday's coming up so I get to enjoy a dessert too.
Debbie said…
Happy Birthday, Stephanie! May you have many, many more!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Stephanie! Hope you had a great one. You share birthdays with my grandson! He turned 11 yesterday.
KatieQ said…
It looks like you had a fabulous birthday. What could be better than sharing a great meal with the people you love?
Terriaw said…
Happy Birthday to you!!! Looks like you had a fabulous celebration. How nice to have the whole gang there for this event.
Dogmom Diva said…
Hi Stephanie, happy belated birthday! I just saw this...very behind in my blog reading...

Have a great week, I am heading out of town tomorrow the 13th and be back on the 20th..girl trip..so no weigh in for me this week..


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