Coffee Bags Recycled

Coffee Bags Recycled

This bag took one bag for the front and one for the back.  I used a third bag for the sides and bottom. 

I lined the purse with a waverly print and added straps and pockets.
I used a magnetic clasp for the closure

I am have been saving coffee bags now for a few months.  Friends and family are saving them too.  I wanted to make something with them.  I decided to make a few purses.  Above was the first one I made and the coffee bag was the bag.  Then I decided to embellish the coffee bags on top of a purse and below is the results of that one. 

Side one of the purse

Side two of the purse

Side view of the purse

Close up view of the embellishments

I placed some labels from the bag on the straps, see above and below.

Lined with purple fabric with a firm bottom and pockets

Have a great weekend everyone!
Check back tomorrow. 
My son Jimmy
 has a surprise to share
I think he gets his talent from his mommy,


Barb said…
how your header!!!
Unknown said…
Very ingenious!! Do they smell like coffee too?
Jackie, they do smell like coffee. I was at the post office yesterday and someone in line asked what smelled so good. I said it was my purse (and showed them). They laughed out loud.
Trish said…
Too Cute! Great job on the bags. Love the new header on your blog.
Terriaw said…
Ha, these are too clever! I love that first one, made with just the coffee bag. I love the strapping you used for the handles - so natural looking. These will be so fun to carry around!
Dee said…
how cute are these! I love it when people repurpose and reuse items and turn them into such clever things!
Vesuviusmama said…
So very clever!
I am about to start my upcycling bag project, thanks for the inspiration.
Jane said…
Love the coffee bag! Is there a tutorial somewhere?
Unknown said…
love these coffee bags........i have a huge love of capri sun juice pouches

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