BOGO Weekend

Here I am taking it easy under the tree shade!

Enjoyed a weekend away with my husband in Pennsylania at a BOGO rally.  You ask me what is a BOGO?  Let me tell you.....It is the "Brotherhood/Babes Of Grabber Orange" Mustangs.  I had no idea how many grabber orange mustangs there were around.  I don't see many in our travels around town on a daily basis.  Ford made mustangs in this color in 1979 and did a remake 2007 thru 2009.  The Grabber Blue in 2010.  There is no data from Ford how many they made in these colors, but they were a limited edition.  The CJ Pony Parts Company sponsored the show.  Kevin belongs to a social networking site for the BOGO's called  He has become online friends with many of the BOGO's.  This was a way for Kevin to meet some of the fellow members of the website, very much me meeting some of you someday.  The weekend involved meals Friday night through Sunday morning, the car show on Saturday at CJ Pony Parts and a party each night in the hotel we were all staying.  Below are some of the pictures from the car show. 

This picture was taken across the street from our hotel

CJ Pony Parts sponsored the rally

Adam, from Pocono Lake PA, won best of show with his three daughters.  They were absolutely adorable.  His car was pretty sweet too! 

39 Grabber Orange Mustangs in total

Here is Kevin's car, behind the Adam's car the Grabber Orange Roush, we wanted to trade cars Adam but he wouldn't agree!

Here is my Kevin, enjoying the shade under a tree and the nice breeze.

Grabber Blue Mustangs 2010, first year for this color since the 1970 originals. We had 7 at the show!

Driving in the CONGA line to dinner

Breakfeast Sunday morning before leaving
Friends from Ohio, New York, PA, Virginia, West Va and MD

Brenda (from New York) and Sanie (from Ohio)

Sandie (second place) and Brenda (first place) win in their catagory!

Had lots of fun!  I am now ready to have a great 6 weeks of nothing but a normal day work schedule like the rest of the world.  Quilting, here I come! 


Barb said…
Looks like you had a great time.
Barb said…
Looks like you had a great the cars.
Pat said…
Looks like a nice time....did you find any wives of Grabbers who quilt???
Dee said…
how fun is this! what an awesome way to spend the weekend! we have an a grabber orange in an apartment complex for college students not far from our house! how neat I know what it is now!

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