Wednesday Weigh-In Week 4

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In week 4!  This week was a difficult week for me because of moving my son into his apartment, going to West Va University for my other son's college orientation and numerous other reasons.  So I did not loose weight this week, in fact I gained 1 pound :( 

Wish it were different but I  hope other members had a better week!  Let me know and I will update your current totals!  Got to keep on trying, right?

Last week the group lost a total of 65.5 pounds!  That is in only 3 weeks.  An amazing job us gals are doing! 

These are the totals so far this week: 

Me + 1 lb; -4 lbs total weight loss
Kevin -0 lb; -4.5 lbs total
Chris  -0 lbs; -4 lbs total  ~  check out her WWI post!
JulieQ - 1 lbs; -3 lbs total
Deanna -1 lb; -3 lbs total
Pat +1 lb; -1 lbs total
Cathy -3 lbs total
Helen -2 lbs; -5.5 lbs total
Kim D - 0.4 lbs; -2.8 total
Barb -1.5 lbs; - 6.2 lbs total
Micki -2 lbs; -7 lbs total   ~  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKI !!!
Jamie K -1.5 lbs; -4.5 lbs total
Linda B - 3 lbs; -3.5 lbs total
Dobco +3 lbs; 0 lbs total
Katie Q - 1 lb total
Tonya -6 lbs total
Felicia - 0 lbs total
Barb (Dogmom Diva) -0 lbs; -1 lb total
Marianne -5 lbs total
Diane - 1 lb; -3.6 lbs total  ~  check out her WWI post! 
Judy -1.5 lbs; -1.5 lbs total  (please welcome this new member to our group!)

This totals a grand total weight loss of 76.4 pounds for week 4!!!


Gene Black said…
Some weeks are like that. Stress (son moving) certainly plays a factor.

Thought I would tell you that I made a variation on the Som Tum (sp?) salad. I sort of changed it from Asian to Latino. Ha ha. I didn't have tomatoes so I used salsa. I didn't have fish sauce and couldn't find it at the grocery. (need to visit the Asian market) I think I may have made another minor change but I don't remember it now. Anywho, it was good. I really enjoyed it.
julieQ said…
I lost one pound! That is a great thing!!! Thank you, Stephanie, again for doing this. I find when I take my food to work I do much better than going to the cafeteria...or worse grazing in the nurse's break room.
Terriaw said…
But it was only one pound, Stephanie! You are still doing well. Sometimes life's craziness can't be controlled, so keep your spirits up. Looks like Kevin maintained a good week, so between the two of you, you're a great team!
Dee said…
Way to go one and all and even gaining only 1 pound during a stressful, busy, on the go week is a victory!

Pat said…
DARN...I gained a lb. I am not doing well with this so far. *sigh*
Diane said…
I lost 1 lb. I found out that I am alergic to one of the supplements the DR gave me so going through the process of figuring it out and not taking any the last week was a setback, but... onward!
Kim D. said…
Hi Stephanie, I'm a little sad today as I was thinking I was doing so good. Yesterday I stepped on the scale and I lost .8. I was so happy with myself. This morning I stepped on the scale and I have gained .4 lbs. Maybe my downfall was eating late after 8:00PM last night. So hang in there, keep positive and we'll both do better this week. Thank you again for keeping us motivated.
Chris said…
Hi Y'all - I lost one pound, but then I found it again! No change is OK cuz I was traveling 4 of the last 7 days. I FEEL better and I'm walking more, so that'll show up on the scale sooner or later. I have a new rule: Don't blog 'til you walk the dog! :)
Judy Alexander said…
Hi All, I signed up for this and this is the first Wed. that I have been home. I have had a late start but am down 1.5 lbs. Congrats to all for hanging in there and doing such a great job.
Deanna said…
I sent a comment earlier, but it seems to have been dropped, so if this is a duplicate, sorry.

Anyway, I am down to X + 17 which means another pound this week or three total pounds so far.

It is little changes. I really haven't given up anything but seconds. One cookie is OK. Two cookies is not. Same for everything else.

I am also trying to sit down whenever I eat. I tend to just grab food, stuff it in, and keep going. It is really hard to even know how much you are eating like that. By sitting down I am conscious of the food going in my mouth. If I am not hungry enough to take the time to sit down, I probably don't need it anyway.

Don't imagine that I am anywhere near perfect on these suggestions/ideas, but I can tell they are good ideas and are starting to help me.

Good job and continued good luck to everyone.
I think we are doing an amazing job! Way to go everybody. You all motivate me to continue to do my best! I love everybody's comments and how you share all your helpful hints with the group. Thanks everyone for doing this with me for 4 weeks so far. Steph
Micki said…
Thanks for the Happy Birthday. I have been so pleased with my weight loss...almost where I want to be. I think that the Nordic walking sticks that we are using and long walks we are taking each day helps so much.
Congrats to everyone!
Anonymous said…
Just got back from a two week trip to Texas. I have to say that the trip centered around food! I only gained 3 pounds so with all things concidering, guess that wasn't too bad. Now the big challenge of being off my feet for 6 weeks following surgery on Tuesday!
Hi Steph and all!!

I always seem to be sooooo late in posting - I was off on yet another trip with my quilting friends on Wednesday but did go to the gym today and if the scales are correct I might have lost about 2 pounds, so we will say my goal = X - 17.5 pounds (a little under 8 kg's)
My bluejeans from last year are now fitting very well, so I'm thinking that those scales just might be telling the truth!!

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