Wednesday Weigh-In Week 3

Week 3

This week I am posting a day early.  My son and I are leaving now for his college orientation which is all day on Wednesday at WVU.  The program starts early and I am not sure if I will be able to post from WVU.  Last week I did not lose any weight!  I lost inches and I feel thinner but the scale did not show any loss.  Plus I only walked twice this week.  Here is a picture of me before going to work last night.  I am modeling another one of my favorite hand made by me scrub tops.  Does anyone recognize the fabric?  It's one of my favorite designers. 

Last week the group lost a grand total of 49.7 pounds!!!
I can't wait to see this weeks totals.  Leave me a comment on your progress....weight loss/gain this week and total loss since the challenge started and I will update this post Wednesday night when I return home with everyone's totals.  ALSO, if you have any great websites, recipes or things to share that has motivated your weight loss, please share and I will update the post to include them.  See you tomorrow night! 

Week 1 of the WWI challenge
then (above) and now:

Week 3 of the WWI challenge
5 pounds down

Here are the results of the group's weight loss changes for week 3:

Me  -0 lbs;  -5 lbs total weight loss
Kevin  -0 lb;  -4.5 lbs total
Chris  -1 lbs;  -5 lbs total (see her WWI post!)
JulieQ  -2 lbs total
Deanna  -1 lbs; -2 lbs total
Pat   -0 lbs; -2 lbs total
Cathy  -0 lbs;  -3 lbs total
Helen  -3.5 lbs total
Kim D   -0.2 lbs; -2.4 total
Barb   -1.5 lbs;  - 4.7 lbs total
Micki  -5 lbs total
Jamie K   -0 lbs;  -3 lbs total
Linda B -0.5 lbs total
Katie Q  - 1 lb total
Tonya   -6 lbs total
Felicia ~ just getting started
Barb (Dogmom Diva)  -1 lb;  -1 lb total
Marianne ~ new member!  -5 lbs her first week!
Diane ~ new member!  -2.6 lbs her first week!

Total weight loss to date by the whole group:  65.5 lbs so far!
What an amazing third week of the challenge! Way to go!!!


julieQ said…
Great job, inches lost and your scrubs look loosey-goosey! Have fun at orientation...kind of bitter sweet, huh?
Greg said…
Congrats on your progress. On your way home from orientation, stop at the home center for ideas on what to do with the empty bedroom!!!
Chris said…
Hey Stephany - You're doing great! I lost one pound this week, bringing my total to 5 lb. so far. I definitly feel lighter and have a little more spring in my step!
Domovnitsa said…
Excellent result! I have the same war. This war began with the week. I do not eat fatty, sweet and salty. And eat small portions. Besides, I have the physical load.
Deanna said…
I started at X=20. One more pound of this week. I am now down a total of 2 at X+18, but I can tell you it feels better than that. The exercise is paying off as much mentally as physically and I'm sleeping better at night. I'm not doing anything dramatic, but making a point of moving more daily. Walks are the best! Keep up the good work, group.
Dogmom Diva said…
Well my first week to weigh in..I lost ONE lb. hey its better than gaining and we were in Vegas over the weekend at a wedding so not to shabby I guess. I could do better if I could exercise more. It's a struggle. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I didn't put on all this weight at once and it's not going to disappear overnight is it. And do you think medications affect the ability to lose? Anyway, I shall plug along and make a little more effort this week. I am aiming for a 5 lb goal. then another 5 lb goal. That's all I can think of for now.


PS you all rock, great going everyone!
Kim D. said…
Yeah, I'm glad you lost inches, way to go. Another adorable top, how fun to be able to make your own scrubs. I lost that .20 that I gained last week. Yeah!! We'll see how I do this week. I didn't get in as much walking time either, so I hope this week will be better. I hope you have a good time with your son today.
Diane said…
You are so cute in your scrubs! Week one for me and I lost 2.6 lbs. Thanks for hosting!
Pat said…
Another STUCK week for me.....lost nothing BUT it's better than gaining...which I had been doing quite steadily prior to us starting this. I know my problem is I haven't been walking. I need to get moving!!!
Chris said…
Great job y'all! Sounds like we all need to start wearing pedometers. I know I'm more motivated to walk when I have it on.
Great job everybody. It is so wonderful having such a great group of gals to do this with. I am home now and will work on the totals! Stephanie
No gym this week, did not get to weigh myself (too busy enjoying a quilters bus trip!!) but feeling "lighter" ... anyway my goal remains...
X - 19.5lbs

Well done to everyone!!!
Micki said…
The group's doing amazing weight loss by everyone!

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