Wednesday Weigh-In Week 2

Week 2 and our group is well on their way to a great start!  Last week the group lost 29.4 pounds!  Amazing numbers.  The group is growing thanks to everyone posting about it and adding the Wednesday Weigh-In badge to their side bar.  Our group is growing too!  We have three new members this week and looking for more to grow our group. 

Here are the results of the group's weight loss changes for week 2:

Me  -2 lbs;  -5 lbs total weight loss                        
Kevin  +0.5  lbs;  -4.5 lbs  total                 
Chris    -0 lbs;  -4 lbs total                                    
JulieQ   -2 lbs total       
Deanna  -0 lbs;   -1 lbs total
Pat    -0 lbs;  -2 lbs total
Cathy   -2 lbs 10oz;   -3 lbs total
Helen -3.5 lbs;  -3.5 lbs total
Kim D    +0.2 lbs;   -2.2 total  
Barb   -3.2 lbs;   - 3.2 lbs total
Micki    -2 lbs;  -5 lbs total                            
Jamie K  -1 lb;  -3 lbs total
Linda B     -0.5 lbs total
Katie Q   -1 lb;  - 1  lb total
Tonya   - 6 lbs;   -6 lbs total
Felicia ~ new member this week!
Barb (Dogmom Diva) ~ new member this week!
Marianne ~ new member this week!

Total weight loss to date by the whole group: 49.7 lbs so far!
What an amazing second week of the challenge! Way to go!!!

My goal is to get as much encouragement as possible from as many people as possible. Making this public has given me NO EXCUSE to keep to my taget weight loss goals. Taking pictures of myself and posting them online is embarrasing and difficult because these pictures do not look like me. My hope is that these pictures will show me my progress and I will continue to be motivated by the changes.

This is me day 1 of the challenge

This is me week 2
5 pounds down!
I can see the difference, especially in my face! 
Seeing the difference makes me motivated and excited to keep going!
Check out my Sock Monkey Scrub Top and matching
lanyard, handmade by me.


Hey everybody, post your weight loss or gain so we can add it to our totals! Stephanie
Deanna said…
X+20-1, still. So, no loss for me this week. I am doing well on exercise, but not so well on eating. That has always been my downfall. I am certain that small changes will yield results over time and, perhaps, the eating will take care of itself as I feel better from the exercise.
Terriaw said…
Wow, look at you go! How wonderful to see progress. I bet you feel better too. Keep up the great work!
Lane said…
Stephanie, want you to know you have my support through this. I've been struggling my way through changing how I eat and how much I exercise all year and it is not easy. Lane
Loris said…
Strong work, Stephanie! A co-worker has been doing WW for several months now and has lost over 25 lbs. She thinks she stalled a bit but I can see changes in her shape still showing up. She looks awesome! The scale is only part of the picture and it takes awhile for the body to catch up sometimes. I see the changes in your face too :-) Also...nice quilt on the wall behind you!
Dogmom Diva said…
Hi Stephanie, I am new this week as you know, did weigh myself this morning and will report any loss next Wed..I refuse to post a gain so must work at it! I have a horrible time losing any kind of weight due to chronic illness but going to try..maybe if I can lose a little it will light a fire under my rear to lose more. I refuse to live out my life looking like this!


PS love the Sock Monkey and you look great!
Dee said…
Doing the Incredible Shrinking Quilters' Bee has motivated me to lose 16 lbs (give or take depending on the time of the month! lol) I feel better and clothes fit better. Urging you on to your goal, Steph and knowing you can do it!

Debbie J said…
Thank you so much for your kind words about the quilt. It did come out crinkly. I didn't prewash the fabrics before cutting and sewing, although I was using scraps and some of them may have been prewashed.

The picture of you with your matching set turned out great!

The sock monkeys reminded me of the 2 sock monkeys my son received at UNC Chapel Hill 26 years ago when he was born and when he had heart surgery. I have them in storage, but think its time to get them out and put them on display somewhere.

Debbie J.
Micki said…
This is a fun weigh to lose weight...all the support and success is wonderful to see. Congrats to all!
Diane said…
Good job! Sorry I missed getting in on this, but I will be rooting you on!
Kim D. said…
Stephanie, Well the not so good news is I gained, yes gained .20 lbs. But the good news is that's less than a half of a lb. So that ice cream I ate on Saturday did me in. Oh well, I'm happy I didn't gain more and I'll try harder to resist this week. Good job everyone for doing so well. Thanks for all you're doing to keep us encouraged Stephanie.
Unknown said…
Good luck on the weight loss!
Chris said…
Way to go Stephanie! I'm gonna try extra hard this weekend so I can report a loss on Wednesday.
Cheri said…
Hi Stephanie, just found your very cute blog. I have a similar career - at least the 12 hour shift part - I am an ultrasound tech in NE. Love to quilt, need to diet...will follow along with you. Congrats on your -5 lbs.
Happy Stitching

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