Little Scrap Purse

Little purse made with scraps from ends of lanyards

Below are some of the lanyards I wear to work
These lanywards are made by cutting the width of the fabric and then shortening it to fit the length I need.  These pieces on the side of the purse are the leftover ends of these lanyards.  My mom and I have been making them for the nurses at work and therefore had tons of ends. 
Here is a close up of the scraps sewn onto the purse.
I bought alot of these fabrics at Hancocks of Paducah when I was there for the AQS in April.

This is the other side of my purse.
This pictures shows the size of the purse.
Side view, I used a different color button on each side

Inside my scrap purse ~ I made it colorful with lots of pockets!
It has a magnetic closure and place for credit cards and drivers license
Other interior side
Interior side ~ a hook to hang my keys

I used a heavy canvas in off white.  I thought it would go with all my scraps and because I would not have to line the purse if I used something in a heavy weight.  The bottom blue piece is a stiff peice of cardboard covered to allow it to stand upright when sat down.   

Here is Dale enjoying his new shave.  I trimmed his girly tale for everyone who wants to know.  The vote was an overwhelming YES! "Trim his tail", Sooooo.....
Dale's tail is trimmed!


Barb said…
Love it!! clever!
Oh Steph!! I love your new bag! Such a novel idea! and so pretty too! Well done!

Now of course, I WANT ONE!!! I'm thinking selvedges!
Gene Black said…
That is so cute! I also love the fabric lanyard idea...may be stealing that.
Deb said…
That is such a cute idea. First selvages and now these. What will people think of next!
Dee said…
too cute! the purse and Dale! he looks so much happier!

love your creative use of every last bit of gorgeous material!
Terriaw said…
Love love love your new purse! I especially love those buttons on the bottom corners and the detail at the top of the handles. Well done!
Betsy said…
Stephanie, your tote bag is just adorable.
Nancy said…
OMG... he has his macho back!!

Love the purse...too cute..
Anonymous said…
I love your purse and all the little pockets to store things! I love making bags too. I have quite a few hanging in my sewing room. As soon as I can manage to sit at the sewing machine, that's where I will be. Can't very well prop my foot up and sew right now. But soon...I hope!
Pat said…
Dale looks SOOOOO much better now!!! I love this purse, too. What fun to have all those different lanyards for work!!!
Deanna said…
That is a very clever idea and so well presented. Well done!
Tricia said…
I love this! Wish I had enough lanyards to make one...

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