Human Taco

Kevin became a human taco last night.  It was bad that he was in pain but quite comical that he had to be carried out of our house in an orange plastic sheet.  The fireman were called because I had to get him the ER and I could not carry him myself.  He could not stand and he could not walk or sit.  There was no way I was doing it myself.  The fireman said don't worry, we will carry him out of the house and then place him on a stretcher.  They showed Kevin the orange sheet and told him "it is like a taco and he is the meat"!  It worked out well but took 4 firemen to do it. 

Two ambulances had to arrive to get enough man power to do the job. 

Here he is finally in the ER on a stretcher.  We had to wait in the hallway for about an hour with the fireman because of no rooms in the ER and they could leave until they could get the orange plastic back board out from under him.  There was a concert called "Phish" at the Merriweather Post Pavillion going on at the same time nearby and apparently most of their ER visitors were drunk or high on acid according to the ER nurse. 

This is Kevin after Dilaudid, much happier!  The CT Scan revealed a abnormal L2.  After major drugs, we finally left the ER at 2am.  He was able to walk ever so slowly with the help of lots of drugs and now we have to see a specialist at 3pm today for an MRI.  I hope the drugs they gave me to take home for him are enough to get him the doctors by myself today!  I will keep you updated as this progresses.  Thanks for everyone's support. 

This is Kevin and Sarah (his daughter) with Dale....on Saturday night just before he hurt his back.  Sarah is here visiting from college and is only here for 2 weeks before she leaves for Mexico for her college course of 3 credits....a spanish immersion class.  I sure hope he gets better soon.  He is worried about missing time with her being laid up. 


Anonymous said…
I know that smile too well! Glad he was able to get some releif. Keep us posted.
Thank goodness the medicine made him feel better right away. Back troubles aren't fun at all. Did he end up at the hospital where you work?
Trish said…
Oh my, glad to see he had some relief with the medication. Sorry to hear it was so crazy in the ER. I'm thinking you didn't travel to your hospital since you had to wait so long. Our thoughts are with you both and we hope for a speedy fix. I know back issues are very painful.
Loris said…
Poor guy! I hope they give his back a good prognosis. Nice firemen :-)
Nancy said…
I am laughing so hard wondering what the fireman thought of you taking photos!! Did they ask why?

DD1 has back problems and I know how painful they can be..... hope he is up and better soon.
Nancy, the firemen were busy with Kevin that they did not see me take the pics! It was funny. Even he was laughing. Steph
Barb said…
One day you are going to look back on this and laugh but it looked like he was in pretty good humor at the time. Hope he recovers soon!
Pat said… us bloggers, it seems very NORMAL for all those photos to be taken, but I guess if the firefighters aren't used to blogging they might have thought it was crazy (if they had a minute to even notice...which you said they didn't). I hope Kevin is better soon.
sewfunquilts said…
Saw your post on FB first. Glad to hear he got some relief from the pain with the meds. So, let's have another post about his MRI.
Dogmom Diva said…
Stephanie, oh gee..glad Kevin is doing better..a human taco..never heard that term before..
now you know there was a nearl full moon, which probably accounted for the nuts at the hospital right!

Take care and get better Kevin..
Lurline said…
Poor Kevin, I hope his pain is being managed - you still all look kinda happy! By the way - love your little yo-yo quilt, may have to pop back some day to get permission!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Gene Black said…
Glad to hear Kevin got some relief. Back pain is never funny. I have great sympathy for him.

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