Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calander Cover and Update on Kevin

Calander cover made from selvages

Here is an calender cover I created for my mom. I made it last week and am just now blogging about it. It is made strictly from decorator fabric selvages.
back cover
Inside front
Inside back cover

Great news for Kevin.  His MRI shows degenerative Arthritis and bone spurs on the spine that are causing all his pain.  Fortunately no herniated disc.  This may mean long term problems but manageable with pain medications and muscle relaxants.  They finally have him on a good medication regimen that allows him to move and get around. He has off work this week and will start physical therapy next week for his back.  He is happy there is no pending surgery.  I took off work Sunday and Monday night to get him to all his appointments but back to work Tuesday for me. 

Kevin has disc degeneration with osteophyte formations
(bones spurs on his spine)

It's 2 am right now and Kevin and I are both awake laying in bed, he is doing Sudoku and I am on my laptop. We were so exhausted last night, we were in bed by 7pm and fast asleep. Now we are wide awake and having trouble going back to sleep. This is my normal time to be awake but he just had too much sleep during the day yesterday on the drugs for his back. I had just a little time to sew today because he is the one who usually does all the house work, the laundry and the grocery shopping. I told him I don't like it when he gets sick because I have to do it all, LOL. I am so spoiled! He is so great to do all this while I work nights and sleep during the day. With Overtime I end up working about 5 nights a week and the 2 nights I am off work I am usually catching up on sleep. This has been going on for over a year now and he has stepped up to take on all the house chores except cooking. He cooks on the weekend but during the week I still try to cook enough on my few nights off to keep lots of leftovers around for those nights I am not home. I love to take to work homemade food. I NEVER buy food in the cafeteria at work or buy frozen meals to take to work. It is on days like this....when he is incapacitated, that I appreciate him the most!!!


Barb said...

Love the check book cover...

glad things are not as bad as you had thought....yep...you are spoiled but hey...you deserve to be...!!

Pat said...

I'm glad that no surgery is needed...and I"m sure he will hit on meds that can keep this manageable. The calendar cover is GREAT!

Gene Black said...

LOve the calendar cover. I am so glad to hear that Kevin won't need surgery. Spinal surgery is just a bit too scary. Hopefully it won't be long till he is spoiling you again. And now you will be extra grateful for it. :)

Nancy said...

Hooray for no surgery!!

Terriaw said...

That was quite a scare! Glad to hear you got a diagnosis so the doctors know how to treat Kevin. Sometimes that can be the biggest battle. Hang in there, you two. BTW, love your calendar cover with the selvages!

Loris said...

That is good news about hopefully good back management. My DH has some rather enduring back issues and tries to be consistent with what the physical therapist showed him for exercises. He says it makes all the difference.
DH spoils me as well :-) Glad Kevin has the same record. You deserve good support with how much you are working. Thoughts and prayers for both of you.

sewmeow said...

Glad there is no surgery planned for hubby! My one sister has the same condition, and sometimes it's not real easy for her to manage it. Doing the therapy will be lifelong routine.

Dee said...

Glad the he's been diagnosed and on the rode to recovery. As someone with DDD (degenerative disc disorder) I really feel for him right now! Hang in there and aren't hubbies just the best!

Deb said...

I do love your calendar cover. So many ways to use those selvages. Glad to hear that no surgery is scheduled for your husband. I hope that he feels better with therapy and medication.

Pokey said...

So sorry to hear of the back pain! I guess the news is good...you know, back trouble is miserable.
Your sewing projects look great! I've been out of blog reading for a few weeks, so I'm catchin' up. I love the lanyard scrap purse, too!


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