Wednesday Weigh-In Week 1

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In Week 1
I just worked the last 5 nights straight!  I started to wear my pedometer to work and realized I am really doing a lot of walking when I am in charge.  As a charge nurse in the NICU, I am running between 4 patient care areas, in charge of 22 nurses who are taking care of 45 babies.  This weekend I walked about 4 miles each shift!  I couldn't believe it.  In comparison, last night I was not in charge and only walked 1 mile at work.  Big difference.  The charge nurses rotate 3 months in charge and 3 months as a bedside nurse.  Right now I am in the middle of my charge rotation so that should help my weight loss plan.  The days I am taking care of the babies and not running around helping everyone else take care of the babies, I will come home and walk before going to sleep. 

I weighed myself today and I have lost 3 lbs since last Wednesday!  I have been eating a lot of veggies.  I have a new salad dressing I found that I just love.  I also enjoy cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs and lots of salsa with baked chips counted out to 13! 

Kevin, my husband lost 5 pounds!  I knew he would.  He was outside all weekend doing yard work while I slept (working night shift).   He is trying to be more active on the weekends.  Unfortunately, he does not like to walk.  I walk with my doggie or my son.  My husband says I walk too fast!  Oh well, I don't mind walking by myself.  I have a lovely path behind my house, a river and a golden retriever named Dale who loves to tag along.  I also love to listen to books on tape or music on my iPod.   Right now I am listening to "The girl with the dragon tatoo".  I am loving it!  Makes the long walks well worth the entertainment! 

I will keep track of everyone's progress each week.  Comment to this post and I will update your information on this post for the week.  Don't forget to grab my WWI button to post to your blog so you can come back weekly easily.  By posting the link to your blog, we can spread the word and get others to join us.  We welcome new members anytime! Just email me and let me know you want to participate or comment on one of my posts. 

Here are the results from week 1:

Member's name     This week's wt loss     Total to date
Me                                           -3 lbs                                     3 lbs
Kevin                                       -5 lbs                                     5 lbs
Chris                                         -4 lbs                                    4 lbs
JulieQ                                       -2 lbs                                     2 lbs
Deanna                                      -1 lb                                      1 lb
Pat                                            -2 lbs                                     2 lbs
Cathy                                    +0.7 lbs                                     0 lbs
Helen                                         0 lbs                                      0 lbs
Kim D                                 - 2.4 lbs                                    2.4 lbs
Barb                                          0 lbs                                      0 lbs
Micki                                      -3 lbs                                        3 lbs
Jamie K                                  -2 lbs                                        2 lbs
Linda B                                -0.5  lbs                                   0.5  lbs
Katie Q                                    0  lbs                                      0  lbs
Tonya                                       0 lbs                                       0 lbs

Total weight loss to date by the whole group:             24.9  lbs
What an amazing first week of the challenge!  This is wonderful !!!

You may notice a new button on my left side bar.   Barb shared with me a website that will help me track my weight loss progress that I really like.  It was really easy to create a blog button for my blog.  They also have a calorie counter and the website is free! is very cool and worth checking out.  I also enjoy reading this blog,  It is full of wonderful recipes that are favorites of others bloggers.  One of my favorite daily emails is from Hungry Girl.  Their daily tips and recipes are wonderful. 

Last week I promised to share my favorite Weight Watcher's Recipe!  It is Spaghetti Bolognese! 
Love, love, love this.  I make the sauce, boil the whole wheat noodles and then mix it all together before serving it.  This is a staple in our house! 

Spaghetti Bolognese


Am I just supposed to leave a comment with my loss? (Or gain?) NO WAY.
I lost .5 pounds. That was just by working around the farm. I ate alot of no nos, but that is changing.
Vesuviusmama said…
Congrats to you and Kevin! Me, I love walking - it is my preferred method of exercise. How great that you get to do so much of it at work. I just sit on my tush at work - ugh! I finally figured out why I'm having such trouble losing weight. As a NICU nurse, you can probably figure out why...sshhh! No one at my job knows yet. :)
julieQ said…
I am down 2 pounds!! Yippee!! Thanks for doing this...extra encouragement, you know?? I logged 7 miles when I was working the floor one day at work, on med/surg...whewww!! Good for your for wearing your pedometer.
KatieQ said…
No loss this week, but at least no gain. Bravo to everyone who took off pounds this week.
Pat said…
I lost 2 lbs....wish it had been more like 4, is better than gaining, right?
Barb said…
When I get home, I will join you. I will weight myself and email you. I was doing so good until last week and this week...I think I am gaining back all I lost...pooey. I worked so hard....
Cathy said…
I gained 7 oz. I have been on the treadmill every day walking 2 miles in 30 minutes. I joined this morning hoping that counting my calories will keep me more on track. They say keeping track of what you eat will reveal how much you really are eating.
Chris said…
Chris lost 3 lb last week, 1 lb this week.
A gift of dark chocolate truffles just MAY have something to do with it....see my blog for some great weight control resources.
Terriaw said…
Wow, you have some crazy busy days when you are the charge nurse! Congrats to you for all your hard work and efforts in this first week! You should be proud.
Hi Steph! I can't believe it, but we went to the gym yesterday and I forgot to weigh myself!! So, I must be honest and say I'm 0 lost therefore my goal remains unchanged. We go to the gym again tomorrow, but Fridays are really busy and it's hard to get in to where the scales live (poor excuse!! I know, but true!) therefore I will just have to wait until next Wednesday and have another go!! I'm being very good (she says as she sips her red wine:-)) and would you believe it? we are having a very similar Spag Bol tonight - I'm making a double batch and freezing a couple!

Thank you for this great idea, we all have so much in common with our stitching and it's so lovely to see we have such great supporters in our goal to become healthier and slimmer!! I'd be happy to just fit into last years jeans!!!
Micki said…
I couldn't post yesterday...I lost 3 pounds, so if I keep up like that, it shouldn't be too bad. I didn't know how to change that chart, so if you could do that for me. Congrats to your weight loss. It sounds like you are doing great!
Deanna said…
X+20-1= better than nothing. Or at least a good start.
stubz said…
This is cool that you are using a blog to run a weight loss challenge. I built a site for my family a few years ago to manage competitions like this. You should check it out. It's free!
Unknown said…
I just found this and would like to join in.....let me go weigh....brb....ok back, no weight loss from last week....ugghh, just makes me work harder for next week. I'll grab your button and if I need to do anything else, please let me know.
Unknown said…
Yay... I'm joining the blog!
Bunny said…
I just joined here, actually just found you. I need to lose about 10 pounds. I lost 51 pounds in 2002 and I am finding it difficult to get motivated to lose the 10 pounds I have gained back. We are going on holidays this week but for sure when I am back I will be on track. Happy to find you guys.
BJ said…
Yes! I want to join! I have been losing a few pounds, but since last week it is a zero! Thanks for having this!

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