Wednesday Weigh-In begins!

Welcome to Wednesday Weigh-In!
WEDNESDAY WEIGH-IN is for anyone who would like join.  Visit weekly or whenever you can.  The more you participate and join in the fun, the more you MAY be motivated by others.

Weigh-in starts today.  I want to loose about 46 pounds!  I am going to share pictures of me even though I am mortified at how much weight I have gained over the past 15 years.  If any of you have seen pictures of me from years ago (see "Stephanie" in my labels and tags), you would not be able to recognize me.  My hope is that if I can see my body changing, it will motivate me!
X + 46
March 18th 2010

Dale doesn't need to loose weight!

Hope this video makes you laugh!  Please join in the fun!  So far we have 18 motivated losers: 

Kevin my husband
 and her husband

For those of you who would like to participate, post your comments with your week's weight loss starting number!  Here is to a promising start! Good luck to everyone this week!  Next week don't forget to come back on Wednesday and post your weekly weigh-in (gain or loss)!  Next week I will share my favorite weight watchers recipe.  Here is a hint:  It has carrots and mushrooms in it! 


OK, here is my total weight loss goal for this challenge: I want to loose 46 pounds! I am not sure what that is in stones or whatever else kind of measurement some other bloggers might use! I am excited! Stephanie
Pat said…
Okay....I will say X + 50. While I'd like to lose 50 lbs. and that would not make me skinny, I would be happy with even 30 or 40 lbs. of weight loss. I wish all of us luck on this journey. I need to get out and walk and also use our Wii an eating plan alone won't work, I suspect!
Barb said…
Do we have to tell you how much we actually weigh?
SewCalGal said…
What a great plan. I know you can do it! And your walking path is beautiful.

Cathy said…
I want to lose 45 lbs. Started back at the gym this week and this is a great idea to keep me in check.
Anonymous said…
I have 40 pounds I need to lose. I am kicking myself for getting to where I am. I lost over 60 pounds and have let it come back. As I was cleaning out my closet yesterday, I was reminded of those cute little 10's hanging there. I didn't throw them out just yet. I did not weigh this week as I was having a colonoscopy...but next week I will!
Terriaw said…
good luck and have fun! you can do it!
Kim D. said…
That Dale is a cutie. Good luck with the weight loss. I have about 10-15 lbs I need to lose. I'll check back in to see how you're doing and maybe this will help to motivate.
Micki said…
I have been dieting for a while and lost a stone, but I will join you as I need to lose one stone more. Next week, I will post my loss. Good luck Steph...What diet are you on?
Great group! I am so excited. Everybody try to do atleast some activity everyday and tell us what worked best for you next week! Let's have fun with this. Steph
I'm going to join you! I'm going to start with a loss goal of 30 pounds, and will reassess at that time. Good attitude, right!
KatieQ said…
I weighed myself this morning and am ready to commit to losing 26 pounds. Thank you for finding a way to keep people motivated.
Judy Alexander said…
I'm in for 24lbs. I have had soooo many starts this year....lets see if I can finish!!!!
Yvonne said…
Hi Stephanie,
I'm a recently retired NICU nurse, age 50.
I am on the Curves diet and have lost 10 pounds since April. Have about 15 to go. Good luck with your diet.

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