Lryic Kinard Class project done

Finally finished my diary book that I started in Paducah.  During Lyric Kinard's Art quilting class she taught us several techniques:  Creating a stamp, painting on fabric, stamping on fabric, Silk screening and beading.  This was fun to make.  She provided the stamps for us to carve, the fabric, some beads and the paint.  When I got home I finished beading and quilting it to add my touch.  What do you think?  It was fun to learn all these techniques. 

I am walking everyday!  Here I am today after my walk.  Can you tell my face is red and I look hot?  Evidence!
May 20
x + 46


Deanna said…
Better red-faced from the walk than for a less productive reason. I am heading out myself after I get the kids off to school.
Barb said… if you go there, you can actually put a tracker on your blog that tells how much weight you are losing...and it is also free to log your food and exercising. I really like it...I was using it here and when I go home, I will continue.

Like your journal cover.
Loris said…
You look pretty good actually :-)
Great job on the walking. It is the best past time, especially with your sweet pup at your side.
Anonymous said…
What a great project! Too busy working on VBS crafts to do anything else...except blogging of course! Keep up the good work on the foot still does not alow me to get out and walk. I need to find something I can do.
Anonymous said…
I just found my new favorite beading book of all time. I had to share this link with every other bead lover out there.

Here is a Valuable Beading Guide Review
beckypb said…
Stephanie, I love your diary book from your class with Lyric! I bought her Art + Quilt book as soon as it came out and what a great book it is. I haven't been able to get to any quilt shows this year so I'm going to take her screen printing and playing with fabric classes the next time they come around at Quilt University online. You should definitely be proud of your project! P.S. You look great after walking, too!
Quilter Beth said…
Great work on your journal cover. I was in Lyric's class too. Mine is still in the tote with all the other stuff from Paducah (in the same state it was in after the class). Congratulations on finishing a great piece...I'm jealous!
What a beautiful book cover! And good work on the exercise.
Kim D. said…
Congrats on the finish, it looks fantastic. You must feel great after a good walk. I've been walking and riding my bike so hopefully it will help.
julieQ said…
I did my post for Wednesday weigh in...a little late! Good for you to be out walking, I need to get my fanny out there too. Such a pretty journal cover, I especially love the large decor bead in the middle...lovely!

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