Happy 19th birthday to my son

Paul is 19 on Friday May 14th

We celebrated Paul's birthday tonight at the Cheese Cake Factory because Paul works all weekend and so do I.  It is great to have everyone home at the same time.  Does not happen often.  Here are pics of the gang.  Matt got sick on May 5 with Mono so I am surprised he already well enough to go out to eat and back to school in the morning.  We were in the ER twice last week with high fevers.  Thank God for Decadron because I know that is what made him better.   Now if I just keep him from kissing his girlfriend!  :) 

The Cheese Cake Factory, Columbia MD
May 13th 2010

Here is my crew....
Paul, Matt, Me, Sarah, Kevin and Jimmy in the back. 

Looking at this picture shows me I have to loose weight.  I hate seeing how heavy I am and you usually can tell I try not to post too many recent pictures of myself.  I am going to make a promise to myself and to everyone reading this.....I am going to loose weight!  My goal is to track my progress here and have you guys hold me accountable.  Having everyone's support will be great.  I know I can do it but keeping it off is the hardest part.  Well, here I go!


Well firstly, a happy birthday to your Paul! It must be birthday month in your house!!

Now, on to serious stuff...... I need to "drop a few pounds" as the saying goes, so I'll join you in the "I'm gonna lose some of this weight" department!!!! I next go to the gym on Monday, so I'll get weighed and get all my numbers and will report in Monday night!

I have a "quilters bus trip" I'm going on in June, about one month away. I plan to try and drop a little by then and I will treat myself to some fabric candy!!

Have a great weekend!
Jocelyn said…
Wishing Paul a very Happy Birthday!
Terriaw said…
Happy day to your son! Looks like a great celebration. And good for you for setting a new goal! I started a new workout routine 7 months ago to keep my knees healthy (due to arthritis), and I've lost 19 pounds. Just takes baby steps and discipline and diligence. You can do it!
Pat said…
Happy Birthday to Paul!!! Nice to have all of them there for a picture, isn't it? I would like to lose about 35 - 40 lbs......and had dropped about 5 already and then went away on the trip to the Amish area and we ate at those buffets...NOT good for weight loss! I've never eaten at any Cheesecake Factory but have heard it's a nice place. Hope you can get to see Kaye this weekend while her hubby is in the hospital. If you need the last name, email me.
Hello I discover your blog of France! Happy birthday your family is very beautiful! I also see your patch who(which) are very beautiful, I wanted to congratulate you! Best regards marylin
julieQ said…
I am glad you all had a great time, and happy birthday to your dear son! I too am working on losing weight...maybe we can cheer each other on? I am doing weight watchers at work. Hey, I thought of you the other day...I bought a DEAR JANE BOOK!!!
Barb said…
Happy Birthday Paul.

You are just adorable...but I do understand about not having too many pictures taken...

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