Paducah Day 2

Hi everyone.  Today was my second full day at the 2010 AQS quilt show here in Paducah.  I am having a blast.  Yesterday, I spent the day shopping and seeing the quilts.  Today I spent all day in a class called Surface Design with LYRIC KINARD
Here is Lyric.  She is an amazing teacher and I loved her class! 
This is photocopy transfer using a solvent and a metal spoon.  Very cool technique! 

Lunch at Kirchhoff's Bakery and Deli was absolutely amazing.  The line was long but moved quickly.  I was completely impressed with the professional way they moved us all in there and got food to us.  I had the chicken salad on cranberry bread.  OMG!!!  I have to go back to get this again.  Lunch tomorrow or on Saturday is a must. 
These are the final product of our day long hard work.  I made the stamp used here as seen above in my practice time.  I am starting to bead it now as seem below.  This is a cover for a journal book and it is not done. 

BELOW, on the left I used a piece of bubble wrap and painted it and then pressed it down. On the right is a piece of plastic fencing that I used to stencil.  I used stamping acrylic paints, screen painting, stenciling and now I am beading it.  I will show it to you when I am done.  I am loving how the techniques are coming together.   
Happy Quilting!  Stephanie



Sounds like you're having a great time! The deli looks wonderful!
Gene Black said…
Awesome, I have seen Lyric on some quilting shows on television. What a lucky girl you are to take a class with her.
Pat said… GO, Girl!!! What fun things you are doing!!! I'm so happy you are having a real blast there!!!
Kim D. said…
Looks like you're having a good time and Love the projects, how fun.
Dee said…
What awesome pictures and the fabric is way cool! Lunch sounds divine and the atmosphere down there, is, I'm sure-
Love the paint work on the top photo. And to think on the blue one... Bubble Wrap!

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