Paducah Day 1

Downtown Paducah...Quilt City
Started my first day in Paducah by stopping in Hancock's of Paducah and bought tons of fabric (see below).  Then to the downtown area to the slightly used book store.  I didn't buy any books but enjoyed looking around the downtown area with Kevin.  We went up and down the streets.  Take a look at how cute the town is...
After going downtown with Kevin, he drove me to the convention center and dropped me off after I loaded our rental car with tons of finds.  Here are some of the things I bought today.
My stash from Hancock's of Paducah....each yard was only $4.65!  I am so tickled with my yards.  I am going back on Saturday when they mark everything left down to $2/yd! 

Bought it because I just had to have this...reminds me of my Kevin.
The coolest slippery surface to make machine quilting easier!  I can't wait to try it out.
I  bought these Bali Bag patterns because I just have to make some of these!
The sharpest scissors I have ever had...German.
My quilt show stash...a tee shirt, bag and book

There is more.....I even met some bloggers....Amanda, Nancy and Sandy.  I will share all when I can get to a better speed on my laptop.  This connection at the cottage is difficult.  Tomorrow is an all day class with Lyric Kinard!!!!  Art Quilting.  Can't wait!  See you tomorrow night. 


Kaye said…
Thanks Stephanie, your blogs make those of us not lucky enough to be there see whats its like. Look forward each day to your blog. Enjoy!!
Pat said…
Woo-hoo....GREAT job on Day #1, Steph. (Just wondering how you are going to get all that stuff on the plane!!! Maybe you'll need to check an extra bag on the way home?? LOL) I didn't like the shirt at Lancaster......a dark purple (which didn't appeal to me). I like THIS shirt better. Oh, well...such is life!
Dee said…
Thank you for sharing pictures and hope this is just the best day ever!
Terriaw said…
Looks like a great first day! Never been to Paducah and it does look cute. Love your loot you bought! Have a great time.
Jocelyn said…
Enjoy your time in Paducah. Isn't it awesome! I hope that you and your hubby found the bakery when you were downtown. They have THE most delicious baked things. We wanted to try everything, but of course we didn't :-) I can't remember the name of the bakery, but it is on one of those side streets. And go early, because they sell out of the really good stuff quickly :-) Have fun!
Gene Black said…
Oh Steph, I am so ready to make plans for next year. Paducah 2011, that is my goal. I need to save a stash of money so I can buy everything I want. LOL. I plan to drive up so there will be no issues getting it home with me!

You will have to blog about the Quilt Halo and the Supreme slider -better yet email me and give me your opinion on them.
Kim D. said…
Love those fabrics and goodies, and what great prices. I also have the Quilting Halo by Sharon Schambers and I use it all the time. I love it that I don't have to wear gloves or finger tips, it works great. You're going to love it, it just takes a little bit to familiarize yourself with it.

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