My Dear Jane blocks 37 - 46

My Dear Jane block #37
Basket Weave Pattern, an original
510 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #38
Block C9  ~  Jane's Tears
512 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #39
G 5  ~  Poof
516 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #40
E 3  ~  Merry Mary
527 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #41
G 2  ~  Broken Dishes
559 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #42
A 3  ~  Starlight Starbright
580 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #43
G 1  ~  Hattie's Hen House
588 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #44
F3  ~  Snowball
609 pieces

My Dear Jane block #45
H 9  ~  Snowflake Melt
629 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #46
F 6  ~  Deanie's Daises
656 pieces so far

Been busy.  Mom made a few as well.  I decided I am only going to do 64 squares, not 169 like the original.  I want a w!ll hanging and to be able to hand quilt it.  There is no way I will hand quilt a huge quilt but I would a wall hanging.  I am considering still putting the triangle border on but downsizing the trianges and designing them myself.  What do you think?  Have a great weekend! 


Barb said…
Trish said…
You were a busy busy person. They all look great and I say go for the wall hanging! It will look great.
Dee said…
Blast it all, just when I have one picked out as a favorite, along comes another one I just love!

Great job!
Terriaw said…
Each one keeps getting better! I think my favorite in this round is the snowflake melt. How long does it take for you to make just one of these? What an amazing project!
julieQ said…
Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!! Each block is just so pretty.
Kim D. said…
Gorgeous!! Such patience to keep going on them. A wall hanging sounds good to me. I also love the snowflake melt.
Angela said…
They are all beautiful! Great job!
I made my first triangle this week - SHEW! :o)
Wow so many, you're nearly finished! Have you given any thought to a ribbon border? It's more math in the beginning, but worth it in the end. I haven't seen a full Dear Jane quilt lately so I can't tell you how close or far it is to that original...

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