Dear Jane block 47 - 49

My Dear Jane block #47
Three Dimensions  (an original)
679 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #48
Stephanie's Snowflake  ~  M 1
720 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #49
Dogwood Days  ~  L 2
747 pieces so far

Below are some pics from our drive on Saturday.  My husband and I went to PA to meet up with some of his BOGO (Brotherhood/ Of Grabber Orange) friends.  He blogs as well and has many friends that have the same color mustangs.  Eight other Grabber Orange Mustang owners showed up for the lunch and a drive.  It was fun and everyone was really nice. 

Pics of our drive.  This is Kevin's car above. 
Conga line
We caught lots of attention in the parking lot and the lunch spot.
One week countdown to Paducah!  Getting excited.   


Barb said…
You are coming right along with your dear Jane blocks...doing good....

I want to go...
Kaye said…
What a great job you are doing with those blocks and what patience. We went to Johns Hopkins yesterday on Friday atr noon to see Dr Lim for a 5:45 app't for Larry to have a MRI done. We go back on Fri @ 12:45 to see Dr Lim. Please say a prayer for him, Thanks
Pat said…
What fun to see all those same-colored cars together like that. I"m glad you had a nice time. Did you enjoy Shady Maple??
Angela said…
Love the *Stephanie's Snowflake* :o)
Dee said…
Love Stephanie's Snowflake. And the cars are just too fab!

Any room in your luggage for a somewhat smallish, well, kind of anyway-won't eat a lot or make strange noises in the trunk kinda quilty nut?
julieQ said…
Thank orange crowd of cars looks like fun! I am loving your blocks...your quilt will be done before you know it.
Oh my DD would love the purple fabric on #49!

To cool with all those Grabber Orange 'Stangs together! Sounds like fun.
Micki said…
What gorgeous blocks!You did a great job!
Blocks look great Steph..
Shasta Matova said…
You're still making good progress. Love the original 3D one. That's a cute lineup of cars.
Vesuviusmama said…
Love all the identical cars! Did anyone accidentally try to get in the wrong one? I know I would have!

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