Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playing with Magic Markers...

My friend Renee came home from work to this the other day... her daughter Stella covered in magic markers.  Renee thinks her husband is still getting used to taking care of the new baby and mommy going back to work!
I am taking it easy and trying to recover from a long week in Paducah.  I went back to work on Sunday night, off tonight but meetings tomorrow.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My day with Kaffe Fassett in Paducah

I spent the day with Kaffe Fasset and Liza Prior Lucy for their snowball quilt workshop from his book Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.  OMG, it was amazing.  I had such a good time with all these talented ladies.  We were able to learn from the best.  He taught us color ideas and how to choose fabrics that complement other fabrics.  He was so easy to talk to and he helped us pick which fabric would work with our quilt and which ones wouldn't (he made me take out my navy blue pieces).   Liza brought tons of fabric from her internet store and sold a bunch!   Here are some pictures of our great day...

This is my design wall.  Kaffe has us hang a very nappy flannel on the wall so we can "try out" our design.  We would place the fabrics up and then look at them through and magnifying glass.  Then Kaffe would come by to our design wall and make sugguestions. 

In the above photo, I am on the left of my design wall and Mary Ann from Ohio is on the right.  We took yesterday's class together with Lyric Kinard and she stopped by to say hi to me.  We are definately keeping in touch.  This is my first year at the Paducah AQS but this is her 18th year here in a row.   Her husband comes with her and he seems very nice and played golf for the days she was in class.  I think Kevin would love to play golf with him and we are already planning our next year trip.  I have met many people from all around the world. 
Everybody hard at work on their design wall. 

This is mine so far.  We only stuck it up there without pins.  No sewing in the class.  We pinned it up after the class was over and rolled it up on our flannel to take it home and sew it.  What do you think?  He loved it and so do I! 

Kevin and I are done tomorrow.  We catch our flight tomorrow afternoon so only a little more shopping before leaving. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paducah Day 2

Hi everyone.  Today was my second full day at the 2010 AQS quilt show here in Paducah.  I am having a blast.  Yesterday, I spent the day shopping and seeing the quilts.  Today I spent all day in a class called Surface Design with LYRIC KINARD
Here is Lyric.  She is an amazing teacher and I loved her class! 
This is photocopy transfer using a solvent and a metal spoon.  Very cool technique! 

Lunch at Kirchhoff's Bakery and Deli was absolutely amazing.  The line was long but moved quickly.  I was completely impressed with the professional way they moved us all in there and got food to us.  I had the chicken salad on cranberry bread.  OMG!!!  I have to go back to get this again.  Lunch tomorrow or on Saturday is a must. 
These are the final product of our day long hard work.  I made the stamp used here as seen above in my practice time.  I am starting to bead it now as seem below.  This is a cover for a journal book and it is not done. 

BELOW, on the left I used a piece of bubble wrap and painted it and then pressed it down. On the right is a piece of plastic fencing that I used to stencil.  I used stamping acrylic paints, screen painting, stenciling and now I am beading it.  I will show it to you when I am done.  I am loving how the techniques are coming together.   
Happy Quilting!  Stephanie


Paducah Day 1

Downtown Paducah...Quilt City
Started my first day in Paducah by stopping in Hancock's of Paducah and bought tons of fabric (see below).  Then to the downtown area to the slightly used book store.  I didn't buy any books but enjoyed looking around the downtown area with Kevin.  We went up and down the streets.  Take a look at how cute the town is...
After going downtown with Kevin, he drove me to the convention center and dropped me off after I loaded our rental car with tons of finds.  Here are some of the things I bought today.
My stash from Hancock's of Paducah....each yard was only $4.65!  I am so tickled with my yards.  I am going back on Saturday when they mark everything left down to $2/yd! 

Bought it because I just had to have this...reminds me of my Kevin.
The coolest slippery surface to make machine quilting easier!  I can't wait to try it out.
I  bought these Bali Bag patterns because I just have to make some of these!
The sharpest scissors I have ever had...German.
My quilt show stash...a tee shirt, bag and book

There is more.....I even met some bloggers....Amanda, Nancy and Sandy.  I will share all when I can get to a better speed on my laptop.  This connection at the cottage is difficult.  Tomorrow is an all day class with Lyric Kinard!!!!  Art Quilting.  Can't wait!  See you tomorrow night. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Made it to Grand Rivers KY for the AQS in Paducah

Here we are....Grand Rivers KY.  It is about a 30 min drive to Paducah.  Since Kevin wanted to tag along and NOT attend the quilting festivities, he wanted something to do while I was away playing.  He plans of visiting the Land between the Lakes.  It is a National recreation area.  Tonight we have dinner reservations at Patti's 1880 settlement.  It is supposed to be an attraction.  I love our back deck/porch on our cottage.  It is right on the lake and when we open the front and back door the breeze is just wonderful.  Hope to give you updates each night after returning.  My day starts tomorrow.  I was signed up for a class with Kaffe, but thanks to Pat I am going to just enjoy the exhibits and the quilts tomorrow.  I will look forward to my class all day long on Friday with Kaffe instead.  Oh, and I can't wait for my class all day with Lyric Kinard on Thursday.  We are learning all the different techniques in art quilting.  Yippie!  I am here!!! 

Love the funny sign...."to life boats" this way

Monday, April 19, 2010

Leaving for Paducah

Here I come Paducah!  I will try to post my adventures each evening.  Not sure what there will be take pics of but I hope to have some neat pictures to remember my trip.  I almost did not make it.  My mom went back into the hospital yesterday but is doing well and said I had to go and buy her something.  She said it will be worth it if I bring back something great. 
Here is where my husband and I am going to be staying.  It is about a 30 min drive but it seems just perfect.  It is in Grand Rivers and it is called Lighthouse Landing Marina

We have dinner reservations for Tuesday night here:  It is supposed to be a Grand River's main attraction, Patti's 1880  Settlement Restaurant

To fellow bloggers who are going...Debbie and Nancy, You have my cell phone so please call me so we can meet! 

Friday, April 16, 2010

My son's self portrait

This is my son Paul below and above his self portrait. 
He is a student at MICA,
Maryland Institute College of Art

Considering he has never drawn before last semester, this is pretty neat.  He had to draw a picture of items representing his family....Matt is the lacrosse stick and bowling ball and I am the quilt on the wall!  LOL

I think he got it right! 

4 days countdown to Paducah....AQS!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Jane block 47 - 49

My Dear Jane block #47
Three Dimensions  (an original)
679 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #48
Stephanie's Snowflake  ~  M 1
720 pieces so far

My Dear Jane block #49
Dogwood Days  ~  L 2
747 pieces so far

Below are some pics from our drive on Saturday.  My husband and I went to PA to meet up with some of his BOGO (Brotherhood/ Of Grabber Orange) friends.  He blogs as well and has many friends that have the same color mustangs.  Eight other Grabber Orange Mustang owners showed up for the lunch and a drive.  It was fun and everyone was really nice. 

Pics of our drive.  This is Kevin's car above. 
Conga line
We caught lots of attention in the parking lot and the lunch spot.
One week countdown to Paducah!  Getting excited.   


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