My Wedding Anniversary

Our Wedding March 26, 2004
Fisherman's Wharf SF
Hollywood Ca
SanFran, CA
Misson Beach
Christmas 2004
Christmas 2008

Not only have we become rounder over the past SIX years, we have become more in love with each other.  I adore my husband and I am lucky for having found such a best friend! 

Here is a little of our history....We met about 8 years ago via an on-line dating service called!  I know it's hard to believe but it's true.  I had to go through a fair number of guys to find him.  Within 3 weeks of dating, I knew he was the one for me.  We were engaged within 5 months and married about a year later.


Trish said…
Happy Anniversary Stephanie! We like San Francisco too! Especially the wharf. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary.
Pat said…
Happy Anniversary!!! I'm glad you are both still so happy!
Angela said…
Happy Anniversary, Stephanie! Here's to 60 more! :o)
I must say, your smile lights up a room! (Or a blog, or whatever the appropriate phrase would be! HA!)
Happy Anniversary Stephanie!!! Wow, my husband and I met via too. :-) Enjoy your weekend.
Chris said…
Happy Anniversary to both of you!

I met my sweetie thru Turned out we only live half a mile apart. What a funny world, you have to go to the worldwide web to meet your neighbor!
SewCalGal said…
Happy Anniversary.

Pokey said…
Happy Anniversary Stephanie and Kevin! There is nothing better than being married to your best friend. Here's hoping for bliss for both of you for many years to come.
Unknown said…
What a lovely love story, Stephanie! You are a handsome couple, & love sure shows thru.

Happy Anniversary ... & many more years to come filled with joyous blessings.

Hugs, Marydon
PS Will miss you ...... hope things will change.
BeautifulDees said…
Happy ANNIVERSARY!!! You look like a really neat gal, I cant wait to follow you on your blog.
Love ya,Debbie
Barb said…
That is soooo sweet....and I loved seeing the pictures!!
Anonymous said…
What a great love story. Happy Anniversary!
Dee said…
A Fairy Tale with no ending in sight and many more "happily ever afters" to look forward to!

Thanks for sharing you day with us!

Happy Anniversary!
Loris said…
You two look very happy. Have more wonderful years together. Happy Anniversary!
Debbie said…
Happy Anniversary, Stephanie! You guys are looking great!
Terriaw said…
What sweet pictures! I love the progression over the years. So nice to see such a happy couple!
Thanks to everyone for wishing us well on our anniversary. We appreciate it. I wish everyone love in their life!
Angela Nash said…
What a fun, cute story of photos! Congratulations!

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