My baby turns 21!

This is my son Jimmy!  He is my oldest and this week he turned 21 years old! 

In honor of his birthday, I thought I would share pictures from his growing up years.  Some of these pictures I scanned from his baby scrapbook.

This is me with my first husband, the boys' father Jim.
Jimmy 6 months old
Jimmy 20 months old
Jimmy 3 years old
Jimmy 4 years old
Jimmy 7 years old
Jimmy 7, Paul 5 and Matthew 1 years old
Jimmy 11 years old
Jimmy 16 years old
Lacrosse ~ my boys all played lacrosse and I just loved watching them!

I have to apologize for all these pictures.  There were so many more that I could not share all of them.  I love taking pictures of my boys as you can see.  I choose to show you a representation of him growing up.  I just can't believe how fast time flies by.  For all you of you new mommies, enjoy it now while you can and take lots of pictures. 



Angela said…
Happy Birthday to *your* Jimmy! He looks alot like you! I love the b/w photo of you with him as a baby. So sweet!
Rebecca said…
Wow 21 the best times in your life, Happy Birthday and great photos. I am afraid I have to say this to as I am sure you hear it often, you really do look like your mum.
Hugs Bec
Pat said…
Happy Birthday to Jimmy! GREAT choice of photos, although I'm quite certain he may frown at a couple of the earliest ones of him.....LOL
Lane said…
Happy 21st Jimmy! Life starts at 21. Live in a way you'll be proud of when you're 81. Lane
Greg said…
Happy Birthday Jimmy!!! Wishing you many happy more.
Jenn said…
You did such a great job with the photos. Great work, Steph! He looks like a wonderful guy. Beautiful eyes, too!
Barb said…
Sooo sweet and Happy Birthday!!
Lurline said…
A gorgeous young man - I wish him a happy life!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Loris said…
Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

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